Mort the Meek and the Monstrous Quest – Blog Tour

  • Written by Rachel Delahaye
  • Illustrations by George Ermos
  • Published by Little Tiger

In January 2020 I sat in a class room full of y4 pupils, in my hand I had a book freshly delivered to the school.  This book was called Mort the Meek and the Ravens Revenge.  I had 20 minutes to fill so I started to read this book. There was complete silence as we met Mork and discovered the island of Brutalia.

After I had finished reading a couple of chapters I left the book in the classroom for anyone who wanted to read it. A couple of days later I had a list of names of children who wanted to borrow the book, it was quite a long list. So they didn’t have to wait long I brought a couple more copies. 

Fast forward a year my library now owns 10 copies of the book, yes I did say 10. I never have any copies available in the library, as soon as a copy comes back then it disappears really quickly. 

These children are now in y5 and they visit the library Tuesdays afternoons. I mentioned to a couple of children that there was a new Mort the Meek book coming out, and they were so excited.

 I haven’t told them how wonderful the new book is, I don’t want to spoil it for them. This book is wonderful, we join Mort has he prepares to go on a mission to find the queen some treasure, so he sets of with Punky to try and find it but deep down he’s trying to find his dad and brothers.

If its possible the queen is even more awful, though she does make me laugh especially as she now considers herself a god. 

You could imagine living in Brutalia and facing the queen’s punishments, personally I like to go there just to experience the atmosphere. 

Mort mum is still fighting the neighbours, while Mort is still trying to stick to his pacifists promise. The illustrations are beautifully drawn and add to the story. 

This book will be in my library just in time for y5 visit on Tuesday, I’m not expecting the book to be in the library by the time I leave at 3. In fact I know I will have to buy more copies, I wonder if I will end up with 10 copies.

  • by Helen

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