Helen’s Middle Grade Must Reads – December (1)

The Secret Animal Society

  • Written by Luke Gamble
  • Published by Scholastic

When Edie’s parents go missing, she is sent to live with an uncle she has never met. 

She finds he lives in the middle of nowhere, she discovers he is a vet.

Soon she joins him on a wild adventure to save a Yeti. But its not that simple as a gang of ruthless Hunters are on there tail.

This is a lovely book which deals with saving the planet and its animals.

The Boy with Wings

  • Written by Lenny Henry
  • Illustrations by Keenon Ferrell
  • Published by Macmillan

I’ve always loved Lenny Henry, I grew up with him on the TV. So I was delighted when I heard he had written a children’s book. I knew it was going to be a funny light hearted story. It wasn’t on my TBR  pile for long.

First of all what I first thought was what a bright cover it had and how it was going to attract the boys.

It was a good story, I liked the relationship of the family and how close they were. It was great that the main character Tunde was such a nice character. It was action packed and in your mind you could hear Lenny Henry voice, reading the book to you.

I liked that as you read the font in the book kept changing, I think this would hold the most reluctant readers attention. 

This is really fun book.

Fairy Tales Gone Bad – Frankenstiltskin

  • Written by Joseph Coelho
  • Illustrations by Freya Hartas
  • Published by Walker Books

We all know the story of Rumpelstiltskin.

Well this is a different version, a ‘darker’ version. 

When Bryony’s dad boasts that she can bring dead animals back to life (she’s a taxidermist), the Prince hires her to bring his beloved pets back.

Of course it’s not as simple as this.

I struggled to put this book down, it is a quick read so it won’t take the children long to read this.

With this book Joseph Coelho has in my opinion created a master piece, this is ideal for the older primary school children who love something a bit spooky, even the illustrations are spooky. This isn’t going to be in the library for long!

A Night at the Frost Fair

  • Written by Emma Carroll
  • Illustrations Sam Usher

This must one of the most beautiful books I seen.

If this was I a shop then I definitely would pick it up. 

Maya finds herself transported back in time to when her grandmother was young, she gets to experience the marvellous frost fair and gets to meet a young Eddie. 

As you read through the book, you get to look at the most beautiful pictures, pictures that by themselves could tell the story,  and these beautiful pictures are in colour, this won’t be in the library for long.

The Chime Seekers

  • Written by Ross Montgomery 
  • Published by Walker Books

Anyone who knows me, knows I’d adored The Midnight Guardians, in fact it is my favourite ever book, so when I heard that this book was coming out I was so excited. 

I couldn’t wait to start the book, and when I did I struggled to put it down. 

Yet again Ross Montgomery has created another book that in years to come we will still be talking about it. 

I love a book about magic and this is perfect, you become part of the story, you feel as though you are there in the book, that is you having to complete the challenges.

 This book was written by what I class as a good author because you are made to feel part of everything, you are made to worry about the characters, you are made to believe, and that’s very hard to do.

I’m putting this into my school library where all the children who love The Midnight Guardians will fall in love with this too.

– by Helen Byles

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