The World Book – Blog Tour

  • Written by Joe Fullman
  • Illustrated by Rose Blake

This incredible book is separated into North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, and each of the six continents then features the countries that can be found there, such as England, France, Germany, and Spain in the ‘Europe’ section. There are 199 of them within this book to be exact.

As the book goes into details about the respective country it is like being transported there through learning all of the amazing facts and details about the place, and the illustrations that are scattered throughout help to draw the readers eye to the different sections of text that break up into different subject areas, such as weather culture, celebrations landmarks, cuisine, history, religion, traditions, and so much more.

The title of this book could not be more apt, because it details every corner of the globe, and balances a layout design that is not overwhelming to readers with informative bitesize amounts of text, and the illustrations help children to visualise that which is being portrayed, including the respective flag for each country too.

This would be a great addition to the Geography section of a school library, and as a resource in those lessons too, as this book has so much educational value. I can also see this being a huge hit within classroom libraries as children enjoy learning about different places around the world, maybe even looking up places relevant to family members they have that live elsewhere, or holidays they have been on/are going on, and even just to share new information with one another.

For more information and insight into this fantastic new addition to the world of children’s non fiction be sure to check out the rest of the blog tour, information of which can be found on the banner below.

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