Beautiful Board Books to share with the Little Ones in your life

Nibbles Christmas by Emma Yarlett

If, like me, you have a fan of the Nibbles titles in your family, then you will doubtless be as delighted as me to find out their is a Christmas themed Nibbles title to add to your collection, and share with little ones this festive season. The book has the infamous nibbled hole that Nibbles does in each of the pages, just like in other titles that feature the naughty little yellow monster, and little ones will definitely delight in this feature (we dangle our fingers through, and play peekaboo!), as well as teaching numbers to little ones as the pages count down from ten, as it counts down to Christmas too. There is even a flap on the first page, which is where little ones will find Nibbles, and also one at the books finale, which is a Christmas present to open up.

What more could you possibly want in a board book? The illustrations are bold, colourful, and eye catching throughout – definitely capturing the attention of little ones, and encouraging them to count the variety of toys and animals that feature on the pages. This is a real treat for babies and toddlers, and is a great way to introduce Nibbles to your little one, as there are more titles (including in picture book format) to enjoy – which we highly recommend.

100 First Words (I Can Learn)

Separated into Home, Toys, Colours, Pets, Food, At the Park, Clothes, Parts of the Body, On the Farm, Things that Go, and Bedtime. This book of first words has proven a huge hit with my nephew, who is at the age where he is learning words and sounds through hearing them being spoken by others, and regularly sharing this bright coloured, boldly illustrated book has benefited him massively. The words can be read to little ones whilst pointing to the relevant illustration, and then further along, when they grow in confidence and knowledge, little ones can point to the relevant pictures when you read words out to them, and then the final stage would be children reading the words out themselves too.

The topics that have been chosen to feature inside this book are relevant to every day scenarios, as well as taking this book along on adventures to discover the different things that are referenced, such as to the park or farm. I love the versatility that comes with this book, and that it is small enough to fit into a changing bag, or child’s backpack but big in content and colourfulness.

Little Bunny’s Book of Friends by Steve Smallman

This adorably small sized hardback book is incredibly powerful in the meaningful content it holds inside, which is written in the form of rhyming verse that flows from the start to the finish. Every other page inside is a gorgeous illustration that depicts scenes featuring bunny and friends.

The context is one of how important friends are, and how you can tell a good friend from those that aren’t, and many other factors surrounding friendship, and all whilst ensuring that children of all ages can comprehend what is being referred to. Whether you are looking for a feel good, positive vibe of a read to share with little ones, or you have school age children with friendship issues and anxieties, this is a book with many purposes, and one that children will want to hear time and time again.

Race to the Rescue!

With a different scene unfolding on each two page spread inside this book, there is definitely something for everyone, not least because they will definitely be captivated by the flashing lights and sirens that feature in relation to each of the emergency services that attend each scene.

Whether on land, sea, or in the air, there is an emergency service that will come to the rescue of those in need, and the rhyming sentences that tell of what is happening in the illustrations on the page opposite, this is an enjoyable read for sure!

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