Helen’s Selection of Christmas Must Reads

The Christmas Crumb

  • Written by Lou Treleaven
  • Illustrations by Alex Willmore
  • Published by Maverick books

I love it when a new Christmas picture book comes out.

This one is wonderful and a joy to read.

When a piece of Christmas pudding drops on the floor nobody can believe how many animals and insects benefit from this. 

With beautiful pictures throughout the book this is sure to become a favourite for years to come.

How Winston Delivered Christmas 

  • Written and illustrated by Alex T Smith
  • Published by Macmillan Children’s Books

I’ll put my hands up and I’ll admit that I’d never read this book, people around me kept telling I needed to, so I took this to bed on a wet, and cold night, and snuggled down.

It is a beautiful book. The story is everything you need in a Christmas book, you have determination, friendship, love and hope, with of course a happy ending. 

I just love how Winston was so determined to get the letter to Father Christmas,.

This will be my Christmas go to book for many years.

The Very Merry Murder Club

  • Edited by Serena Patel and Robin Stevens
  • Published by Farshore

Since I started my job as a primary school librarian I have noticed there are a lot of children that enjoy a good murder story. 

So I know plenty of children that will love this one.

Thirteen children’s authors have come together to make this book, they have each wrote one story. Of course with a book like this there might be an odd one you might not enjoy so much, but everyone will have there own favourite. 

My favourite one is called Silent Night by Serena Patel, in this story Arjun is recovering from an operation in his bedroom when he starts spying on the neighbours. 

This is going to be a popular book with children.

The Book of Stolen Dreams 

  • Written by David Farr
  • Published by Usborne

I’d been looking forward for ages to read this book, there had been so many good reviews, I knew I needed to read this. 

I wasn’t disappointed, it was brilliant. I was hooked by the first chapter, and struggled to put it down. 

Two children help their father steal a magical book, after their father is imprisoned and the children go on the run with the book.

Along the way they are separated and the children must learn who to trust.

You find yourself willing the children on, you silently scream at them as they make mistakes. It’s a truly magical adventure. 

I was pleased to discover there will be another book.

How I Became A Dog Called Midnight

  • Written by Ben Miller
  • Illustrations by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini
  • Published by Simon and Schuster

Now I love a Ben Miller book, and I love how he uses his family as inspiration, and as he has written all of his children into previous books, he is now using his dog.

As you read the book I could hear in my mind Ben Miller reading the words, there were funny bits and a few sad bits.

You get an idea of what it’s like in a re homing animal centre.

This is an excellent book that help children understand Empathy. When a work colleague asked what to buy her daughter for Christmas this was one that I suggested. 

By Helen 

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