Navigating Non-Fiction – My Favourite Titles of 2021 (Part One)

Now I love nothing more than picking up a non fiction book and learning something interesting. Here’s a round up of some of my favourites that have been recently published.

Mummies Unwrapped

  • Written by Tom Froese
  • Published by Nosy Crow, in collaboration with The British Museum. 

I’ve always been interested in the Egyptians, I’ve always read anything about them, unfortunately when my children have asked me a question I’ve never really known the answer. This book is amazing it answers questions like what was a mummy? How were mummy’s made?.

The illustrations are full of details which helps explain the text. This is ideal for anyone studying the Egyptians, for me I plan on keeping this book just in case I need to answer anymore questions. 

Secrets and Spies. The Underground World of Espionage 

  • Written by Anita Ganeri
  • Illustrations by Luke Brookes
  • Published by Little Tiger

Do you know a child that love spies, well if you do this is the book for them, we go undercover into the world of secrets, spies and missions. We learn the history of Espionage from ancient secret agents to modern surveillance skills and technology. 

We get to learn how to read coded messages, all learn all the important skills a spy needs. I loved the chapters about the two world wars and getting all the behind the scenes information. The illustrations are brilliant and done differently throughout the book. 

After reading this book, I bet many children will want to become Spies. 

The Beasts Beneath our Feet- A Prehistoric Poem

  • Written by James Carter
  • Illustrations by Alisa Kosareva
  • Published by Little Tiger 

A lot of young children love dinosaurs, this is the ideal book for them, it’s full of facts that young children will love, and all of it written as a poem.

The illustrations bring the poem to life.

Everything You know about Dinosaurs is Wrong

  • Written by Dr Nick Crumpton
  • Illustrations by Gavin Scott
  • Published by Nosy Crow

How much do you know about dinosaurs, well I expect you are like me and know the basics,  well I thought I knew the basics, but I was wrong. Everything I thought I knew was wrong.

This book is ideal for dinosaur lovers. This is full of unknown information and facts.

The illustrations help tell the story. 

Kays Marvellous Medicine – A Gross and Gruesome History of the Human Body

  • Written by Adam Kay
  • Illustrations by Henry Paker
  • Published by Puffin

Did you know that in the olden days doctors really didn’t have a clue how the bodies worked, so they were forever trying different things, for example they would make their patients gargle with wee, hairdressers would cut their customers legs off, and people would get paid for passing wind.

These are just a couple of wonderful true stories that you will find in this amazing book. 

As you can tell I loved this book, it was extremely interesting and I found it funny in places.

Cat Eyes and Dog Whistles – The Seven Senses of Humans and other Animals

  • Written by Cathy Evans
  • Illustrations by Becky Thomas 
  • Published by Cicada Books

Did you know that your eye is the same size as a ping pong ball?

 No, I didn’t either until I read this book, the eye is well protected inside a bony socket In  the skull.

Well I was so interested in this I sat in my living room poking around my eye trying to feel how big it was. I got some strange looks from my family and they even laughed  at me when I explained what  I was doing. This is a really interesting book full of fascinating facts and information. The illustrations helped explain the text of the book.

Unleash your Creative Monster – A Children’s Guide to Writing

  • Written by Andy Jones
  • Illustrations by Olaf Falafel
  • Published by Walker Books

I decided to enlist my 12 year old son to help with this review. 

This book helps you to sharpen your writing skills. 

There are step by step instructions to help you with your writing. 

My son settled down with pen and paper and followed the steps. 

He did the exercises in the book, he wrote stories and corrected them when needed.

I asked him his opinion and he enjoyed himself,  he found the activities interesting  and the tips helpful. The illustrations helped support the text.

Wild Child

  • Written by Dara McAnulty
  • Illustrations by Barry Falls
  • Published by MacMillan Books

Did you know that an Oak tree lives for 900 years, it takes the tree 300 years to grow, 300 years living and 300 years to die. In its life time it will produce 10 million  acorns. 

There is also a section on identifying birds, and also insects too. 

There are family activities that can be done, and my children did these activities just to make sure they work, and they do, and they really enjoyed doing them.

This is ideal for younger children who are interested in wildlife. 

by Helen Byles

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