The Perfect Christmas Board Book

I am delighted to be sharing these festive titles with you as we kick off our December 2021 on the blog, and especially because I really enjoyed reading these books prior to reviewing them, and sharing them with my 20 month old nephew, who is becoming more and more of a bookworm as the weeks go by, and crucially, he is more aware of the content inside books being read to him, and offered to him to enjoy during play time too. His enjoyment of these books that feature in my Board Book recommendations below is a testament to how engaging, and interesting, these books are. Wishing you all a fabulous December!

Is it Christmas Yet? – Jane Chapman

This is an adorable festive title to share with little ones, and has that play on the “are we there yet?” that parents everywhere know so well, as little ones excitedly ask over and over as to reaching the intended destination. In this book little bear is so excited to find out when it is Christmas, only for big bear to explain all the preparation they need to do before the big day. Little bear joins in, helping in his own little way, but when the pair choose their Christmas tree they are faced with the dilemma of fitting it through the front door, but together they find a solution, and all is as it should be to celebrate Christmas. The illustrations are eye catching, colourful, and have a traditional festive feel which I love when it comes to Christmas books, and little ones will adore the adventure they go on with these two cute bears. A must share, that will be cherished.

My Little World – Christmas (A Christmas Book of Counting)

With rhyming sentences throughout, this book gives little ones a number relevant festive scene to enjoy on each page, so they can learn numbers 1 through 10 as they enjoy the build up and excitement going on everywhere, from polar bears to people, snowmen to elves, and of course reindeers too. Each page has a cut out section, making this a fun book to interact with as you peek through, with the cut out being the shape of a Christmas tree! What is not to love about this educational festive title, and the opportunity to help little one learn numbers as they enjoy the festive feelgood of this book.

Five Christmas Friends – Danielle McLean and Rosalind Maroney

This count and slide book is brilliant for allowing little ones to interact and enjoy as they listen to the rhyming sentences that go from one snowman to five flying reindeer, so they learn numbers along the way. The bold and colourful illustrations encourage little ones to count the respective festivity featured, and enjoy the scenes that unfold on each page, and you can feel the excitement in the wintery air as you enjoy this book. There is always so much fun to be had with sliders in a board book, and this book is the perfect example as it adds movements relevant to the text in the book, such as the elves making presents, and the slider showing these. Little ones will definitely ask for this book over and over again.

Where’s My Santa? – Illustrated by Kate McLelland

With touch and feel pages throughout that depict the referenced textile on each page, such as the reindeer’s coat, this is a beautiful book to enjoy independently or together, as little ones investigate the different textures there are inside this book. The sentence ‘Where’s my Santa’ is repeated at the end of each page, and encourages readers to try to find him, and they ultimately do at the very end, under a flap. With large font for the text, and bold illustrations that draw your eye across the pages, taking in the footprints that features throughout, as a trail to follow to find Santa, there is so much to enjoy and adore within this book.

What Are Santa’s Elves Made Of? – Becky Davies and Louise Anglicas

Ever wondered what Santa’s elves are made of? Well now you need not wondered any longer, because this book tells you it all. From them being made from gingerbread, to having fairy lights and tinsel in their hair. Each component also gives explanation as to why elves are so productive, energetic and happy, and little ones will delight in the magical feel of elves, which is even more apparent from the beautiful ways that this book decides they have been designed. Each detail about the elves has a link to a festive item, and offer so many opportunities to discuss the information from each page.

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