The Girl Who Talked to Trees – Blog Tour

This book is a keepsake in every sense of the word. The text is as captivating as it is immersive, and author Natasha Farrant has absolutely written a modern day classic in The Girl Who Talked to Trees. Added to this, the utterly stunning illustrations by Lydia Corry really do bring the magic and beauty of the trees, that are threaded through this books core, to life. This is a breathtakingly beautiful book from cover to cover, and the foil finished hardback is a worthy gift to children, whether it be for Christmas or some other significant celebration – birthdays, WBD, etc, or because you are looking for the perfect book to ignite that spark a child’s imagination, and want to hand them a perfect that gives that ultimate reading for pleasure experience.

Irrespective of whether they love trees as much as the books main character Olive, or are simply looking for a feel good read, with nature at its core, this book offers an unforgettable adventure to anyone fortunate enough to have the opportunity.

The book itself is divided into seven short stories, each tying into to the one before, and those that follow, doing so through readers accompanying Olive, a young girl who finds companionship in the trees that grow near to her family home. Although Olive has siblings she could interact and engage with she prefers to spend her time amongst the leaves, branches and roots of these ancient natural structures, often heading home with leaves and twigs in her hair! When her father decides he wants to clear the land the trees are on, and build an extravagant summer house to host friends in, Olive asks for the opportunity to provide an alternative project, and ultimately has seven hours in which to save the trees, and please her determined dad too.

The first of the tree themed stories that follows is focused around Olive’s favourite, the Oak, and she finds herself taken back in time to when the enormous Oak she loves is just a tiny sapling, and she finds herself conversing with the elder of her Oak tree, and witnessing events from the past that ultimately lead to her understanding why the elder oak is no longer amongst the trees in the present time with her.

The story of the Oak concludes with Olive being directed to the next part of her journey, the next tree in the woods, and she is given a clue as to what she is looking for, and where she needs to head to. It is utterly magical storytelling, features such stunning scenes, and truly brings the world of nature right into the hearts and minds of readers, as they long to follow the story as it develops, and will on Olive as she tries to protect the trees she, and all of us, come to love.

I was so touched by the messages within this story, that of the importance of enjoying the nature all around us, whilst protecting it at the same time too, and also to stand up and voice those things you feel strongly about, and ultimately do the right thing. It is a powerful read, but these messages are weaved into this book in a subtle way that children will pick up as much as they find comprehendible depending on their age.

You can find more reviews and insight by checking out the other stops on this blog tour, just check out the banner below for more information. The Girl Who Talked to Trees is published by Head of Zeus, and this gorgeous hardback copy is priced at £12.99 (rrp).

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