Helen’s Middle Grade Must Reads – November (2)

Pierre’s Not There

  • Written by Ursula Dubosarsky
  • Illustrations by Christopher Nielsen
  • Published by Allen and Unwin

So have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an animal, to step into the animals paws for a day, I will be honest I’ve never really given it much thought, but I know someone who does.

Lara waits patiently while her mum cleans, while there she meets a boy called Pierre. He has his own puppet theatre. 

While playing with it, Lara suddenly starts to feel like a dog, to experience what it’s like to be a dog. She must battle to protect her identity. 

I liked this book, its quite short so ideal for 6 years plus and it has amazing illustrations. 

The Tunnels Below

  • Written by Nadine Wild-Palmer
  • Published by Pushkin 

What did you do on your 12th birthday? Personally I can’t remember but I know what Cecilia did, she went to London with her family. 

Unfortunately she loses them and ends up lost in a labyrinth of tunnels under London. These are magical tunnels and she discovers a whole new world. There she makes friends, and helps them to try and save there magical and unique world.

The Puffin Keeper 

  • Written by Michael Morpurgo
  • Illustrations by Benji Davies
  • Published by Puffin 

On a stormy night 30 people are rescued by Ben the lighthouse keeper.

One small boy can’t forget that night and is desperate to meet up with Ben again. He has to wait years to visit again but when he does visit he finds he doesn’t want to leave. But he has to.

Years later he returns to find Ben still there, not as a lighthouse keeper but as a puffin keeper. 

This is a truly beautiful book, made more special by the illustrations. 

The illustrations are so good that they also tell the story.

Horror Heights-Slime

  • Written by Bec Hill
  • Published by Hodder

Now if your house is anything like mine you have pots of slime everywhere, I’m not joking, everywhere you look in my kitchen my children have left pots of slime about, even in the fridge. But now that they are 10 and 12 years of age I think they might have outgrown it so I can start to make it disappear.

Unfortunately in this book Connie can’t get enough of slime, she is forever having it taken off her at school. So she decides to make her own slime which at first seems like a good idea, that is until the slime comes alive!

Connie must work with her friends to out smart the slime so life can return to normal.

When Fishes Flew

  • Written by Michael Morpurgo
  • Published by Harper Collins

Nandi loves her great aunt Ellie and is disappointed when Ellie is too old to travel to Australia to visit her, she vows to go to her in Greece when she’s old enough. She keeps her promise and discovers what an amazing life Aunt Ellie had. This is a truly beautiful book with parts set in ww2.

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