Helen’s Middle Grade Must Reads – November (1)

Not if I can help it

  • Written by Carolyn Mackler
  • Published by Scholastic

This is the story of Willa, a child living with SPD, sensory processing disorder. She likes things a certain way, likes food cooked a certain way, and definitely doesn’t like change. 

So when her dad announces that his dating her best friends mum, and even worse there all moving in together, Willa decides to do all she can to stop them.

This was a fascinating story, though we are in Willa’s shoes we also get to experience what it’s like from everyone else’s point of view, and how challenging it can be.

Polly Pecorino.  The Girl who Rescues Animals

  • Written and illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark
  • Published by Walker books

Are you brave enough to go down to the Wild Bear Woods.?

Polly lives in the town, a town enclosed in tall walls all around the town. Outside the walls live the bears, big ferocious bears.

Inside the town there’s an run down zoo, Polly’s uncle works there and Polly helps him out. You see she has this amazing talent,  she can talk to animals.  This works well when their ill and they can tell Polly and Polly tells her uncle. 

Unfortunately the zoo is owned by Mr and Mrs Snell. They are devious and will do anything for money,  when they steal a baby bear Polly must find courage to defeat the Snells, and to return Booboo to his parents. 

Polly is a wonderful character, she shows humans at their best, and shows us that doing the right thing is always best.

What I liked best is you get a look at the world from the animals perspective, a glance into their world.

The Golden Butterfly

  • Written by Sharon Gosling
  • Published by Stripes

When you first see the book your first thought is going to be what a beautiful cover, its so eye catching. 

You are taken back to the year 1897 and Luciana has just lost her beloved grandfather.  He was a famous magician and she believes the world has lost a shining star. While grieving for her grandfather the head of the grand society of magicians appears to search the house for something he wants.

Soon Luciana is in a dangerous world full of deception as she struggles to keep her grandfather’s legacy. But who does she trust?

This is a beautiful story about family love, this is ideal for lovers of mystery books.

Amari and the Night Brothers 

  • Written by B B Alston
  • Published by Farshore

I was so looking forward to reading this. 

As soon as I got the book home I started it straight away, and I wasn’t disappointed. This book is the first book in what promises to be  an amazing series. 

We follow Amari, as she is struggling to come to terms with her brothers disappearance, she refuses to believe he is dead. 

So imagine her surprise when she is invited to try out for a secret bureau of supernatural affairs, does this have something to do with her brother?

With a cast of interesting characters this book has slipped inside my top ten of 2021, I only hope the second book is out soon.

Moon Dog

  • Written by Jane Elson
  • Published by Hodder Children’s Books

So I will admit I’d never read anything by Jane Elson before, but so many people had told me how good it was that I know I had to read it. Fellow BookBound blogger, Sam, is a huge fan of Jane’s books, and recommended this title to me.

The book was amazing I was hooked after the first chapter and this was read in one night.

It follow two children who are completely different, but both long for a dog. So when a dog moves next door to one of them they can’t believe there luck, but things aren’t what they seem.

As I read on I realised that I’d never read a book like this, it was dealing with different issues all in one book.  She deals with school bullying, and a child settling into a new school. 

Then you have a reading dog that comes into schools for children to read to. One of the main characters is dealing with his dad’s depression, but there was more to come, and I never saw it coming. 

The children discover a puppy farm, this is where puppies are bred to sell, and these are never good conditions for the mother or the puppies. You were made to feel it was you helping to rescue the dogs.

There must have been lots of research done by the author for this storyline. As for me I’m planning on reading all her books now, so keep an eye out for my next review of one of Jane’s books, Storm Horse, which has recently been published.

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