Picture Book Perfection – October Part Three


  • Written and illustrations by Emma Dodd
  • Published by Nosy Crow 

Mum and baby owl show us all the things that make them happy.

Especially the love between mum and baby. As a board book this is ideal for small fingers with big bold pictures.

A cat called Waverley

  •  Written and illustrations by Debi Gliori
  • Published by Otter Barry

Sometimes a book comes along which makes you think, and makes you realise how lucky we are.

This is one such book, based on a true story. It follows a cat called Waverley whose owner is sent to war, leaving Waverley at the train station. There he is looked after, until Donald comes home a broken man.

This is one book that definitely needs reading at school. 

10 Silly Children 

  • Written and illustrations by Jon Lander
  • Published by Pavilion children books

We all love to read silly books, and children definitely like listening to them. This is the perfect book for silliness as there are 10 really silly children in this book, with 10 extremely fold out pages, you have been warned. 


  • Written and illustrated by Jane Chapman 
  • Published by Little Tiger. 

What a truly beautiful book. It tells the story of finding a way through sadness, and learning to be compassionate. 

The pictures are out of this world. 

They are truly beautiful, they are drawn with love and there is so much detail in them

Nothing scares Spider

  • Written by S Marendaz
  • Illustrations by Carly Gledhill 
  • Published by Little Tiger

Spider wants to go on a adventure but every time she sets off her friends call her back, how will spider convince her friends its safe.

These are whole page pictures, full of details. A brilliant introduction to the natural world.

Reviews by Helen

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