Nen and the Lonely Fisherman

  • Written by Ian Eagleton
  • Illustrations by James Mayhew
  • Published by Owlet Press

When I first read this book I knew it was going to be something special, a beautiful love story.

I took my copy of the book into my primary school and used it for story time.

When I first read the story I kept the pictures to myself , and asked the children to close their eyes and imagine what the characters looked like. I asked them to imagine the sea, what colours did they think the illustrations were.

I asked the children to draw what they thought the characters looked like, some children thought Nen had multi coloured hair, some thought  Ernest was really tall. When they draw the sea there was a lot of blue water. They used their imaginations and spoke about what they drawing 

After we had finished drawing we talked about our pictures, we talked about why we had done the pictures the way we had.

After I read the story again this time showing the pictures. 

The children loved how Nen was golden, we spoke how choppy the waves were, and how the sea wasn’t just blue. I have promised the children to get more copies of the book.

By Helen 

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