The Brilliance that is Barrington Stoke

Featherlight by Peter Bunzl, with illustrations by Evan Hollingdale

Deryn’s parents are the lighthouse keepers, she is expecting a baby sibling to be born, when its time her parents leave her on the island. She has to keep watch and keep the sailor’s safe.

Eventually her grandmother comes to stay and they must work together to bring a sailing boat safely home.

I love Barrington Stokes books, these are dyslexia friendly, this is one of my favourite books they have released, I like the concept of family sticking together  and always being there  for each other.

The Beach Puppy by Holly Webb

After the arrival of Ruby’s baby brother her parents buy her a dog.

She adores Coco, and when they go on a family holiday Coco comes to.

Everyone is having a great time, that is until Coco goes missing. 

Arctic star by Tom Palmer

Three best friends join the Navy together to fight for their country. 

They all have different jobs to do aboard the ship, as the war goes on will they remain best friends and will they all survive?

The Beast of Harwood forest by Dan Smith

Three friends arrive at Heathland Camp for a school trip. But things aren’t what they seem,  and the friends find themselves in great danger. 

Keeper by Alan Gibbons

Shane is a fantastic footballer but he also has a temper. When he joins a team he unfortunately brings his dad with him. What is going on between father and son?

All these books are brilliant. Barrington Stokes books are dyslexia friendly  they are printed on coloured paper and they have larger text. 

All the stories are different and all enjoyable.

Books reviewed by Helen Byles (@helenbyles)

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