Rampaging Rugby – Blog Tour

  • Written by Robin Bennett 
  • Illustrations by Matt Cherry
  • Published by Firefly Press on 5th August 2021

It’s 1823 and a group of lads are playing football, nothing unusual in that, that is until William Webb Ellis becomes bored, so he decides to pick the football up and run with the ball, instead of him being called a cheat he’s praised for inventing a new game, and that game is what we now know is called Rugby. 

Fast forward to 1845 and Rugby now has its own rules and league. Nowadays Rugby is played in 119 countries. 

This is one of the interesting stories you will find in this book. This is the first in the series of sporting books that aim to tell children all about sports in a funny  Horrible Histories way, a way that will make reading and learning fun.

This book includes professional players tips, an explanation of facts, practical instructions and funny stories.  

Throughout the book, and to help understand what is written, there are brilliant illustrations that help explain what is happening. 

At the back of the book there is a helpful glossary explaining key words. I know a lot of sports mad children that will be eager to get their hands on this, and after watching the Olympics I’m looking forward to seeing what other sports the author covers.

Review content written by Helen, BookBound co-author

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