Scoop Magazine – An Overview

Issues 31/32

” A Feast of Words and Pictures for Curious Kids”

The first thing that you come to appreciate with Scoop magazine is the bold cover, themed in blue for Issue 31, and red for Issue 32. This design makes the magazine stand out when displayed in a school library – which it is perfect for, or equally for engaging young readers at home.

Inside each Issue there is a guest editor, with Joseph Coelho taking on the role in Issue 32, and an interview with the respective editor kicks off the magazines content, and it hits the ground running from there. An activity for children to undertake follows on shortly after, and this is great because it offers that balance of reading and interaction within, and ensures children feel engaged from the offset.

The magazine is divided into topics, which are listed in a contents page to ensure easy navigation, and allow children to pick out their favourites to explore first, and then enjoy new topics they may not be familiar with too. Poetry features with the magazine, and this can be feature articles from children’s poets, or even poetry written by children too. The content is varied, and allows an insight into so many aspects of literature and illustration, it is compelling and captivating, page after page.

Other topics that feature within Scoop magazine are Factual, Fiction, Comics, Our Readers, Activities, Puzzles, Profiles, and Reviews. The selection of these topics to be found inside any given issue differs each time, and the thread throughout is definitely one that welcomes interaction from Scoop readers, whether that be completing the activities inside or providing content for inside.

With the bitesize chunks of content to inform and inspire there are so many ways to appreciate this magazine, and I would highly recommend a subscription for your school library or classroom. Children will be fascinated about the contents of any of the pages shared with them, making this the perfect share at the end of the school day, utilising content to encourage debate, combining relevant topics with classwork or research, it honestly is a long list to write of suggestions for using this magazine.

The pages are vibrant throughout, with plenty of images and illustrations to compliment the text, drawing the readers eye to every inch of the page. Whether readers a visual based or text, there really is content for everyone to enjoy.

My school library offers Scoop magazine to children, enjoying our copies during class library time, and quiet reading, and they are incredibly popular. There is always a copy in the hands of the children, sharing content with their friends and classmates, and discussing what they find inside, and subsequently I cannot recommend this magazine enough.

More information can be found on the Scoop magazine website, found here.

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