Blog Tour – Interview With A Shark

I absolutely love this book for its fun narrative, and beautiful illustrations. From the offset the text is easy to follow in bitesize chunks, and is written in the narrative of the interviewer, Andy Seed.

Within the book Andy ‘interviews’ the most incredible ocean creatures, including the Blue Whale, Giant Squid, Manta Ray, Narwhal, and of course a Bull Shark. Written in the style of an interview with questions and answers, the content is definitely relevant to readers interests, and would engage even the most reluctant of readers.

The factual information that children will obtain whilst enjoying this book is discreet enough that it doesn’t feel like an overwhelming non-fiction title would, and is written in a way that makes recalling the details more likely then other books. Complimenting the information throughout the book are the immersive illustrations that give life to the animal species that feature, and allow readers to feel immersed within the ocean habitats that the ten interviewed ‘Giants’ dwell in.

Illustration © Nick East 2021

Illustrator Nick East has used an amazing colour palette for the variety of sea life present on the pages, and similarly for the plant life too, and the ‘Giants’ are depicted with depth and detail indicative of the size and respect they deserve. These are powerful, intelligent, and dominating species’ that feature within the book, and the illustrations bring them to life for readers to recognise and enjoy.

I really love that this book hasn’t been written in a monotone fact based way, and instead is written with a feel good tone at its core that ensures children will be laughing out loud as they embark on an under the sea adventure within the pages. The characteristics of each of the Sea Giants is reflected in their responses and interactions with Andy whilst being interviewed, and this really does make readers to become familiar with them.

So there you have it, a book that begins with Andy describing and explaining his invention, the ‘tranimalator’, which allows him to communicate back and forth with animal life, and then goes on to feature a fabulous variety of Ocean ‘Giants’ that give readers a brilliant insight from a front row perspective, and all whilst combining facts with fun.

For more reviews and insight into Interview With A Shark be sure to check out the entire blog tour via information on the banner below.

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