Blog Tour – Felix Unlimited

In this fantastic new publication by Andrew Norriss we are introduced to Felix, a young boy on a mission to run a business, and to be successful at it. The budding entrepreneur settles on the idea of an online card business, beginning with birthday cards, and before long Felix finds himself with plenty of cash stashed under his mattress, and a supply and demand issue. Felix’s business is a huge hit, and he cannot keep up with demand.

In a bid to cope with how crazy the demand for his products has become, Felix enlists the help of his friends, but mixing business with pleasure isn’t necessarily a good decision, but it is an important lesson for Felix to learn. When he and his friends still cannot keep up with demand for the cards they are selling, and having kept his parents in the dark up to now, it becomes obvious to the young businessman that his parents are needed for further support, with all hands on deck.

In this wonderful story of following your dreams, family and friendship, and utter determination readers cannot help but feel inspired by Felix, a young man that is eager to succeed. The story is filled with humour, and is a cleverly written book that details the trials and tribulations that come with making something of yourself. Felix Unlimited is a highly recommended read for 8-12 year olds, and whether they are looking for an adventure – cue the fast cars – or a tale of one boys desire to overcome obstacles and reach his ultimate goal, this book has something for everyone.

Published earlier this month by David Fickling books, we have stocked this title in our school library and it is incredibly popular, in fact demand is such that a reservation backlog from across the year groups is an ongoing situation. It has been fantastic to see this book promoted by those that have read and enjoyed the book, with friends of those children requesting this title, and even more amazing is seeing reluctant readers eager to get their hands on Felix Unlimited.

For more Felix Unlimited reviews and information be sure to check out the additional stops on this blog tour, information can be found on the tour banner below.

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