What Helen Read Next (2) – A Selection of Must Reads

The race

  • Written by Roy Peachey
  • Published by Cranachan Publishing on 23rd May

1944 Eric Liddell is in a war zone, a far cry from the day he won gold in the Olympic games. He is used to running a race, but is this on race he won’t win.?

Fast forward to the present day 12 year old Lili needs to beat her school rival in the school sports day especially as the Queen will be there.

Along side this she has to do a school project on Eric Liddell,  the more she research him, the more she becomes interested in him. 

All of a sudden her gran becomes ill, Lili must decide does she race at sports day  or does she put her family first?

This is a wonderful book,  full of lessons we could all learn. Eric Liddell was actually a real person, I hope like me you will find his life interesting.

Cardboard Cowboys 

  • Written by Brian Conaghan
  • Published by Bloomsbury on 15th April

Lenny a overweight lonely teenager,  Bruce a 50ish homeless man. Against all odds they become friends  they share secrets,  hopes and dreams together.  Lenny wishes his parents could be more like Bruce 

Together they sent off on a journey to visit Lenny’s brother, a brother he idolise and who he hasn’t seen for a while.

This is a heart breaking story about family, bullying,  homelessness  and believing in your self. There are a couple of funny moments that will make you smile,  but this is a thought provoking book, a book that makes you look at yourself , I challenge you to read this without needing a tissue or two.

One of my favourites so far this year.

The House on the Edge 

  • Written by Alex Cotter
  • Published by Nosy Crow on 1st July

Faith’s dad has left them, her family house is getting nearer to the cliff edge everyday,  her brother believes in  sea ghosts, and her mum is struggling to get out of bed.

So you can say she has a lot on her plate. Then her brother goes missing. 

So she must try and get her dad back, get her mum out of bed, keep the school off her back and find her brother whist trying to save the house from the sea.

A lot to do.

 This is a action packed book. This is about a family in crisis and the need for them to pull together. 

This will be popular in the library.

All the Money in the World 

  • Written by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald 
  • Published by Orion on 8th July

Penny lives on a housing estate,  its really run down, all the flats are full of mould, and the residents smell of it.

She befriends Violet a 50ish spinster,  she teaches Penny the piano and tell her about her private school. 

Penny realises that she want better for herself, so what happens when Violet gives Penny a lot of money. 

This was an interesting book to read, it made me think what I would do with all the money in the world,  it shows you the good and bad in people.

A must read for older children.

Starfell. Willow Moss and the Lost Day

  • Written by Dominique Valente
  • Published by HarperCollins on 5th March 2020

Willow Moss is a young witch in a family of witches,  she also happens to be the least powerful  family member. Her talent is finding missing items, which is quite  handy when a day goes missing. Alone the way she makes new friends,  but will her family believe her about the lost day.

Willow Moss and the Forgotten Tale.

  • Published on 3rd September 2020

Another adventure for Willow and her new friends. Only problem is that nobody remembers the lost day  apart from her Friends,  so when her friend Nolin Sometimes sends her a message asking for help, off she goes to rescue him. 

Willow Moss and the Vanished Kingdom. 

  • Published on 4th March 2021

In this third book magical children are allowed for the first time to attend school with non magical children, Willow seems to be the only who is concerned by this.

This is a fantastic series of books,  I recently bought the school library the first two books, and I haven’t seen them since, last I heard of them year 4 had a long list of children waiting to read them.

Everything about these books are great and I love the character of Willow Moss, we left book 3 on a cliff hanger so I can’t wait for book 4.

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