What Helen Read Next (1) – A Selection of Must Reads

Felix Unlimited.

  • Written by Andrew Norriss 
  • Published by David Flickling Books. 

Felix is a teenager and all he wants to do is run a business.  

He hits on the idea of putting birthday cards on line for sale, he soon realises that he needs help so he in  lists the help of school friends.  

They become so popular that they need even more help, this time from the adults.  This is a wonderful story of friendship and following your dreams. 

I know I’d be proud if my children did something like this.

The House of Serendipity. Sequins and Secrets. 

  • Written by Lucy Ivison. 
  • Published by Usborne books. 

Myrtle is a maid with bags of ambition to become a dressmaker, and Sylvia, a daughter of a Lord  who wants nothing more but to design clothes. 

They begin to secretly work together and before they know it they are helping a friend to escape  her debutante ball. But what will happen to Myrtle when she is discovered? 

This is totally different to what I usually read, but I enjoyed it so much, the characters were great  and it made you believe that it’s you working as a maid. 

This book is definitely heading to my school library. 

Do Animals Fall in Love?

  • By Katharina von der Gathen.
  • Published by Gecko Press.

While we sleep at night frogs come alive, to attract a female,  the male frogs croak with all their might, creating a chorus of different notes. They use their vocal sacs to create the noise, the bigger the sac, the louder the noise, and the more females they are likely to attract. 

 Male Flamingos gather for a group dance, to impress the females. 

To attract a female the male Toadfish is especially vocal. Underwater  they are able to Buzz the most beautiful love song,  he is able to spend hour’s underwater droning and humming . This is especially beautiful when a group of males do it at the same time.

Then of course you have the animals that will fight for the chance to mate, an example of this would be male Kangaroos that box, wrestle and fight for the right to mate.

Then we come to the actual mating, Stick Insects can mate for as long as 6 weeks in a go, Scorpions mate while dancing they will hold on to each other’s pincers and dance.

These are just some examples of the behaviour in the animal kingdom, there are lots that I haven’t included,  the book goes into great detail and the illustrations are beautifully drawn and amazing. 

I really liked this book and found it so interesting, there was some parts that I already knew, but most of it was new to me. This will be a delightful addition to my school library.

How to be a Footballer and other Sports Jobs.

  • By Rachel Hankey.
  • Published by Nosy Crow.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a footballer?

Have you ever considered how many different people are involved in a  footballer’s career? Well neither had I until I read this book, it’s surprising who actually is involved. 

This book is really interesting,  you have an in depth look at the game of football and all the different people that work in football. 

This will be so popular in my library.

Sporting Legends. 

  • Written by Rick Broadbent.
  • Illustrations by James Davies. 
  • Published by Walker books. 

Its the year 2020, and athlete Tanni Grey Thompson has just won her 5th gold medal.

The place was Australia and Tanni was completing in the 2020 Paralympics.

London 2012 Olympics and Lieutenant Commander Pete Reed, receives a gold medal in the coxless 4 boat race.

These are two of the remarkable stories in this book, I’m not really a sports fan but it was interesting to read about the people behind the headlines. We find out how hard they have to work, there training schedules, their nerves before an event.

A must for any sports fans.

By Helen Byles.

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