A look at Little Tigers titles for Little Ones (2)

Who Said Cheep? by Yi-Hsuan Wu

This vibrantly coloured board book encourages interaction from little ones with lift the flap components that feature in relation to each of the animals found inside, and with the touch/texture aspect to each animal in the book too. The book centres around little ones working out which of the animals makes a cheeping sound, and uses repetition is the form of words who and was to reiterate and reengage the adventure each time. With pastel coloured backgrounds to contrast the bold coloured characters in the book, this serves to draw little ones attention to each animal, and teaches them appearances of each too. The animals are adorable, traditional pets or farm animals, and enjoying this book will definitely encourage and inspire learning as little ones seek the animals out time and time again.

I Can Learn My First Peek-Through Flaps – Dinosaurs

As the title suggests, little ones will learn plenty about dinosaurs as they explore the flaps and cut outs that feature throughout this eye catching and exciting title. The book teaches little ones about the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods with examples of dinosaurs from each, keywords and their pronunciations, and tying it all together with rhyming sentences to capture the imagination whilst seeking out the answers. Parents will delight in this addition to the board books available to share and enjoy with their little ones, as dinosaurs are so incredibly popular, and will prove invaluable to those that have older siblings that are fans of dinosaurs too – as there is often not much on offer relating to dinosaurs for little ones when looking for books, and this one being interactive makes it all the more enjoyable.

I Love Mummy Every Day by Isabel Otter, and illustrated by Alicia Mas

A perfect way to celebrate mums everywhere, and the incredible lengths they go to every day for their children, this book would be an amazing gift to share with little ones to share every day – and of course Mothers Day too! The pages each feature a cut out peek through, which encourages little ones to see more of the detail being depicted in the beautiful illustrations, as well as making this a fun book to share. The book has all those things we think about when thoughts go to our mums including how she teaches us things, encourages us to be inquisitive, her hugs and so much more, and combined with the illustrations this book is a heart warming, love filled book.

(Little Explorers) Goodnight Farm illustrated by Carmen Saldana

The rhyming sentences in this book makes sharing this farm themed book all the more fun, and combining this with little facts spread across the pages means little ones will learn along the way. Being a farm book based on night time makes this perfect for bedtime reading, and the cut out peek throughs on each page encourage little ones to search spot featured details. Night time on the farm is interesting, factual, and fun with this beautifully detailed book that will definitely get asked for time and time again – and be useful to Reception classes learning about farms too.

(switch-a-picture) Day and Night by Harriet Evans and Lirios Bou

Covering a selection of habitats within this book means a wide variety of animals feature in here too, as children learn how they differ between daytime and night via the rhyming sentences, and pulleys that switch the picture between the two. There is plenty to learn whilst enjoying this book and its interactive details, with the information being shared in a way that makes it fun to learn, through the bold labelled illustrations, adorable animals, and variety this book has to offer. From the Forest to the Desert, Marshes to the Savannah, and concluding with the Jungle there is plenty to take in, and the switch-a-picture feature reveals animals found in the respective habitat at night – with it concluding the rhyme – which encourages younger children to guess and learn along the way.

How Many Beads?

Combining non-fiction hide and seek aspects with interactive beads, this brilliant book gets children to hunt the pages for specific images, counting them as they go. And what better way then using a strip beads found within the book to help with counting along the way, and keeping the number for each item being searched for too. Images used within this book will be easily for children recognise around their home and in their day to day lives such as pets, household items, and nature. With so much potential to identify and spot inside this book there is no doubt that counting and learning will be enjoyed and feel like fun – with an incorporated hands on aspect to learning!

All of these books are February releases, and are available to purchase from all good booksellers.

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