Amazing Treasures – Blog Tour

As the books tagline says ‘100+ objects and places that will boggle your mind’ await readers inside this fascinating, engaging, fun, and informative new title from David Long and Muti. ‘Giant gemstones, pirate gold, ancient tombs, meteorites from outer space and more! await children inside this stunning illustrated hardback, with page layouts balancing bitesize paragraphs of informative text with eye catching, detailed illustrations, making it perfect for all types of learning.

The book begins by defining what determines something to be considered treasure, and then dives straight in with providing examples of those from all over the world, and throughout history too.

What makes this book stand out for me is the content not just deeming treasure to be the stereotypical sorts, such as jewels and gold. Amazing treasures includes the animal world amongst the examples, and gives readers an understanding as to why animals and their habitats should be treasured, protected, and given the respect they deserve. It leaves the possibility to move the discussion on to environmentalist topics, and to educate and focus on relevant concerns. The opportunity to further discussion from any one of the examples within this book makes this such a valuable resource for homes, schools, and libraries, as this book provides that initial interest into a wide ranging variety of topics and interests, and does so in a way that will ignite excitement within readers.

Sparking an interest into historical, geographical, and environmental topics from information inside one very well researched and written book is what makes this book such good value for money. It has so much content, and so many issues too.

There is so much to learn from any one page extract within this book, for example the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which holds ‘examples of the seeds, wheat, rice, maize, peas, beans and other important food crops from around the world’, Why? ‘these are stored at -18c, and could be used to regrow any species wiped out by disease, climate change or even nuclear war’. It really is a fascinating book to offer up to readers, who can pick and choose what they read and learn about, or choose to immerse themselves in the entirety of what this book offers, becoming utterly engrossed throughout.

The centre of the book features a two page spread depicting a beautifully illustrated world map, with fold outs that contain listings of treasures from every continent including Windsor Castle in the UK, Bactrian Gold in Afghanistan, RMS Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean, Yanji Dinosaurs in China, and so much more. The variety of ‘treasure’ includes buildings, landmarks, historical references, objects, art, documents, and more besides.

There really something to interest everyone inside this book, and it is easy to see how much this book will excite readers as they learn facts and information along the way. This book is one that will keep readers engaged from cover to cover, and ensure that they would want to learn more beyond. The potential uses of this book are too vast to mention, but one thing you can be certain of, readers will love having the opportunity to interact with Amazing Treasures by David Long and Muti.

Amazing Treasures is published by What On Earth Books, and is available to purchase from all good booksellers. Be sure to check out additional blogs featuring on the tour (details below).

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