Books to help Children understand and express their feelings


  • Written by Xavier Deneux
  • Published by Chronicle Books
  • £11.99 (Hardback)

As one of the titles in the Touch Think Learn series, this book focuses entirely on feelings, and dedicates a two page spread to each of those featured – joy, sadness, courage, fear, calm, anger, playful, and surprise. The coloured background of the pages reflects the respective feeling, and other significant terms used to express and describe the relevant feeling are listed. This is a fantastic way of giving children the vocabulary they need to express their emotions more openly, and recognise them in others too. A gorgeous touch to this book is that it allows children to feel the cut out and embossed illustrative content, allow them to recognise and learn through touch too – which is the concept behind all of the titles in this series, making them unique, interesting and engaging.


  • Written by Helen Mortimer and Cristina Trapanese
  • Published by Oxford
  • RRP – £5.99 (Hardback)

As one of the Big Words for Little People Series this book focuses on helping younger children to learn everything to do with being kind by detailing key terms and phrases that define kindness. Each two page spread features the respective term in large font and and an example too, and these are written to allow younger children to comprehend the content and meaning, as well as being set in situations they will likely recognise and therefore be able to relate too. The book often gives both perspectives which is often overlooked in both learning and explaining with children in mind, and yet makes a huge difference when trying to teach them empathy, sympathy, consideration and more. The book concludes with a list of ten suggestions for maximising use of the book, and I think these will prove useful to many as they look to educate and understand this crucial topic with children. Additional titles in this fantastic series are due for publication in 2021.

The World Made a Rainbow

  • Written by Michelle Robinson
  • Illustrated by Emily Hamilton
  • Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books
  • RRP – £6.99 (Paperback)

This beautifully written book reflects the past year children have had, with the pandemic creating lockdowns and leaving them out of routine and often lonely. Children have longed to get back to school and their friends, particularly those of the age this book is intended for. Following the story of one little girl and her journey as she looks to create a rainbow to display in the window at home whilst unable to go out or enjoy her usual routine. As she looks to add each colour of the rainbow she finds struggles and overcomes them, much like those the rainbow is symbolic of in real life during lockdown. Taking trips down memory lane, seeing friends through the internet, and looking to the future for exciting plans to once again be possible are just some of the significant parts to this story that stay with the reader long after it ends.

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