Christmas Comes to Book-Bound (Part Three)

In this third and final christmas themed blog featuring recommendations for younger readers I hope you are able to find some inspiration for christmas gifts and shared reads, especially as these books all feature some fantastic characters, themes, and lessons for children to learn from. With role models in some and hilarious antics in others, there is something for all to enjoy.

Santa Jaws – Mark Sperring and Sophie Corrigan

This hilarious rhyming story book tells of a shark named Shelly who is eager to spread some christmas cheer, but faces a dilemma when the other ocean creatures are too afraid to visit and receive a gift. When Sid the squid sees a notice detailing Shelly’s plans he swims off delighted that such an opportunity to visit Santa and get a gift is possible, and is terrified when he finds Shelly there instead, but when Shelly explains her plans Sid is happy to help spread some christmas cheer throughout the ocean, and takes on the role of an Elf to do so. Detailing sea creatures throughout and with brightly coloured beautiful illustrations to reflect, this book really is a must share story with younger audiences that love all things fishy and sealife, whilst combining it all into a festive fun adventure.

Snow Ghost – Tony Mitton and Diana Mayo

This beautiful book tells of a snow ghost looking for a welcoming home, trying different places that at first glance seem welcoming and quickly prove not to be. The sentences rhyme and are lyrical to read, and the gorgeous illustrations are both heart warming to indulge in and magical to see, as they bring the journey to life for those enjoying this book whilst inspiring the imagination of younger audiences to visualise the story for themselves both whilst hearing the story and longer after too. The energy of the young children the snow ghost finds she belongs and is welcome with is capture within these illustrations, as is the fun the children are having out in the snow when snow ghost first encounters them. Children will find this adventure captivating whilst they are filled with hope, love and the feeling of wintery magic too.

One Christmas Journey – M Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton

The story of Hedgehog and his kind adventure with his friends will inspire all those younger children that hear this brilliantly written, heart warming story. With the opportunity to spot and then touch the textured wooly hat that Hedgehog wears throughout children will thoroughly enjoy hearing this story and joining in along the way. Hedgehog and his friends help Squirrel deliver presents and supplies to his grandad who is poorly, only to find that freshly falling snow and an avalanche are likely to prevent them making it home in time for Christmas. But Hedgehog comes up with a clever way to help ensure he and his friends are able to get home safely, but sacrifices his wooly hat in doing so, showing children how important acts of kindness are, and that sacrificing items of importance mean so much more to others too. Badger then rewards Hedgehogs act of kindness with one of his own by fixing the wooly hat whilst the friends warm up and enjoy cocoa. A feel good festive read that can be enjoyed time and time again.

The Snowiest Christmas Ever! – Jane Chapman

Telling the story of how the Bear family are all ready for Christmas, but long for snow to fall and give them a white christmas like the books the bear cubs have read. When they see snow start to fall they are delighted, that is until it falls so much that it drops through their letterbox! After a snowball fight inside using the snow that they had inside, the cubs long to go out and enjoy the snow in all its wintery glory outside, but find the front door is jammed and try the window instead – which then means a large mound of snow falls into the house through the window! This leads to the cubs making a snowman inside – much to their dad’s surprise, and then snow falls down the chimney and puts out their fire – which is all to much for the entire family! The cubs worry that Santa won’t be able to get down the chimney to deliver gifts and help clear it before getting cosy and settling down to sleep, and when they wake they find that Santa has been and delivered them the perfect Christmas gift. A brilliant festive adventure that will have children giggling along the way, excited for their own Christmas adventures, and longing for snow this winter like children always have through the years.

The Most Wonderful Gift in the World – Mark Sperring and Lucy Fleming

When Esme and Bear find one last gift under their Christmas tree after having opened their gifts together they find it isn’t addressed to either of them, and set about looking to find the intended recipient. They face many hurdles along their journey to find the home of the Bunny the gift is for, but embrace each hurdle with determination and perseverance – worthy role models and behaviours for younger to learn along the way. When they find the home they have set out to find and deliver the gift they find a warm and welcoming home with a friendly Bunny there, who has had no presents at all. Bunny opens the gift and finds it empty except for a note from Santa explaining he has gifted her exactly what she asked for – two good friends that would be willing to go above and beyond for her. A brilliant story to share that has many morals threaded within, this book is inspiring whilst being festive and fun.

Can You Find Santa’s Pants? – Becky Davies and Alex Willmore

A hilariously fun festive read, this is the story of Santa and his friends antics as they hunt for Santa’s pants to enable him to be able to set off and deliver presents to children. Rhyming sentences throughout encourage the enjoyable story to excite readers as they join in with hunting for Santa’s pants throughout the book, enjoying the bold and bright illustrations that depict the chaos and fun perfectly. In what feels like a younger audience intended festive version of a Where’s Wally inspired book this is definitely a book to choose if your looking to leave children laughing til the end, and enjoying the idea of hunting a book for what is undoubtedly Santa’s most essential item of clothing!

I Love You more than Christmas – Ellie Hattie and Tim Warnes

This love filled story details all things Christmas including decorating the Christmas tree, making a Christmas cake, carol singers and much more, and throughout the story of the bear family prepping for and enjoying the christmas season there is the repetition of the littlest bear trying to explain what he loves most about Christmas, and after many distractions and interruptions he is finally able to tell his mum and dad that what he loves most is them, which is such a beautiful message to younger readers who associate receiving gifts with Christmas, and often overlook the most important part to enjoying the festive period of the year, that of being with loved ones. This is such a lovely book to share with little ones, particularly at bed time when children are able to absorb the details of the story and the message behind it, and I advocate this as a choice for gifting at Christmas given that it defines the importance of family, home life, and loved ones.

Wishing all my blog readers and followers a healthy and happy christmas, here’s to a fun filled festive period for you all!

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