Christmas comes to Book-Bound (Part Two)

As we edge ever nearer to Christmas 2020 I am delighted to be able to share my second blog showcasing a variety of publications that are not only brand new to the world of children’s literature this year, but they also epitomise the nostalgia, excitement and anticipation of Christmas for young readers that we have all experienced, enjoyed, and miss (as we get older!). With each book I have picked for my Christmas content here on Book-Bound I find myself becoming more and more excited for the festivities surrounding the 25th.

Whether you are looking for a Christmas picture book or something middle grade for older readers there are definitely some fantastic titles to choose from. Ideal for sharing at bedtime, between siblings, as a gift, class read, or library stock – these are definitely worthy choices for that festive feel good.

Peas on Earth – Written by Jonny Mark and Illustrated by Lindsey Sagar

A rhyming board book to enjoy with babies, toddlers and those that enjoy a dose of festive fun, this fun tale tells of how each of the peas featured on the cover go on their own little adventures with the next page reducing the number by one, which in turn teaches toddlers numbers along the way. The ending sees the peas reunite in front of the christmas tree, and allows this story book to be read all over again! With cut outs showing the peas along the way this book is imagination.

Who Said Merry Christmas – Yi-Hsuan Wu

This lift the flap board book will prove a huge hit with younger children as they get to interact whilst following along with finding out who is responsible for the relevant sound on each page, encouraging children to join in replicating the noises along the way! With feely bits to touch and explore along the way too this book will delight younger children as they join in with the story along the way, and if having flaps and feely bits wasn’t enough the book also features a mirror at the end, which incorporates little ones with the story through to the very end. This is the perfect book to get younger children interested and excited in all things festive this christmas.

Santa Post – Emma Yarlett

What feels like a festive take on the classic Jolly Postman, this utterly brilliant book has letters to unfold and read, with each determining the next part to the story – and introducing a new festive character along the way! Santa receives a very late letter from a young girl telling him what she would like most for Christmas, but the request is indeterminable because of the condition of the letter. Stuck with knowing what to send her, Santa sets about posting letters to his many friends asking for their help with organising a suitable gift. As Christmas day approaches readers get to see the extent of Santa’s efforts as he looks to make this young girl happy. A heart warming, fun, and engaging read that will have readers as excited for Christmas as they are this book – which will prove popular, and leave children glowing!

Can’t See Santa! – Illustrated by Chris Jevons

With rhyming text throughout, this book allows readers to follow mouse on his mission to find santa and presents within the house he lives in, only to find that neither have arrived. Mouse heads to bed disappointed in not seeing santa or his presents arriving under the tree, but mouse seems to have forgotten the golden rule on christmas eve – you have to be in bed! The book has bold, fun illustrations throughout that capture the magic of christmas in all its festive glory, and with over 40 flaps to interact with this book will have children smiling from ear to ear, and requesting this book be read over and over again!

Where Snow Angels Go – Maggie O’Farrell

An absolutely breathtaking book in both text and illustrative content that captures the magic of winter for children, who long for snow to fall and lay – and then have snowball fights, build snowmen, and make snow angels. When Sylvie wakes one night and finds her very own Snow Angel in her room she is delighted. The magic and mystery that surrounds this wintery character is stunningly bought to life through the illustrations that will leave children enraptured. The book captures the nostalgia of winter for young children, and encourages them to use their imaginations as they follow Sylvie’s story in which she tries to encourage her snow angel to return, realising that he is always keeping a watchful eye and will be there when she needs him most. Whilst this book is not festive in content it is the perfect read on the build up to Christmas, and/or during the winter season.

A Polar Bear in the Snow – Mac Barnett and Shawn Harris

This cleverly illustrated picture book is the perfect share with younger readers looking to enjoy a wintery read. As we are introduced to the polar bear in the snow the illustrations increase in detail, and show children the defining features of a white bear in the snowy habitats they dwell in. We follow the bear and try to determine his destination before he disappears as quickly as he arrived. The illustrations come to life and captivate you through the use of depth, shadow, and perspective on each page, which brings this white bear to life in front of us – not an easy task on white paper! The short sentences allow younger audiences to focus on the pictures to not only help them understand the story, but also firing up their imaginations too! A must read with little ones this winter.

Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas – Julia Rawlinson & Tiphanie Beeke

In this wintery installment of Fletcher’s adventures we follow him as he sets about on a mission to ensure father christmas finds the rabbit burrow, and not miss his friends when delivering gifts for christmas. Along the way many of Fletcher’s friends join in his quest, and they all agree on a plan. But when snow starts to fall and interferes with all that the friends have set out to achieve it helps to have a plan b, and they work together to make sure they are not forgotten in the snow. A beautifully illustrated festive read that encapsulates the frosty, magical, wintery feel that we all love this time of year. This would be a great addition to a school library, or shared as a class read on the build up to christmas, and offers precious memories of sharing a fabulous feel good read at bedtime too – perfect for enjoying after a cosy bathtime with pj’s, dressing gowns and hot chocolate too.

The Night the Reindeer Saved Christmas – Raj Kaur Khaira and Kasia Nowowiejska

Telling the story of how one of the elves choice additions to Santa’s sleigh leads to disastrous consequences, and preventing Santa from being able to use his sleigh to deliver presents. Mrs Claus suggests that animals that live nearby could prove useful and be willing to help, and so a talent show of featuring north pole inhabitants takes place. It is Santa himself that comes across the reindeer we have all come to associate with christmas time and Santa’s sleigh, and it seems all will be well in the end! Phew! It is interesting to learn that all of the eight reindeer that fly with Santa are female, and the book explains why at the end. Meeting lots of animals along the way, and learning those features that define them make this an interesting festive read that educates children along they way – what more could you need?

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