Christmas comes to Book-Bound

Whether this December sees the start of a child’s very first christmas experience or they are older, and more aware of the themes and traditions associated with this time of year, there are gorgeous books that bring the magic and fun of the holiday season into the hands, hearts and imaginations of children of all ages. Every year new books relating to christmas are published, and each of these new titles that feature on my blogs has the excitement of christmas waiting amongst the pages for children to become immersed in, enjoy, and explore – from board books for toddlers, picture books for those in KS1, or middle grade for those in KS2. I am delighted to be able to spread some christmas cheer with these blogs, and wish you all happy holidays!

My Magical Snowman – Campbell Books

RRP – £5.99 Board Book

Additional titles in series available –

  • Unicorn
  • Dragon
  • Mermaid
  • Sea Unicorn
  • Witch
  • Easter Bunny
  • Fairy
  • Flying Pony

The perfect festive title for toddlers, this book encourages development of fine motor skills through the push, pull, and slide features, whilst teaching them of the traditions and characters associated with the christmas period. Adorable rhyming sentences ensure a smile on younger audiences faces as they listen to how Snowman comes to rescue Santa, by fixing his sleigh. The bold coloured illustrations are eye catching and immersive, with plenty to look for on each page – in fact there is a festive fairy on the back cover that you can look for inside too.

Dear Santa – Rod Campbell (15th Anniversary Edition)

  • Featuring a new cover with extra gold foil to celebrate 15 Years of popularity in publication
  • RRP – £6.99
  • Published by Macmillan
  • Similar to Dear Zoo in style and layout

The timeless classic that will never not be found in so many homes across the world, Dear Zoo has a brand new cover to celebrate an all important milestone, whilst keeping the content inside the same – with the added detail of a soft touching wrapped gift on the very last page (No Spoilers!). The presents Santa wraps all equate to flaps that younger readers will enjoy engaging with, as they keep up with Santa changing his mind as to what he gifts the child narrative of the story. With each present there is an explanation as to why he continues to change his mind on what gift to give, which poses opportunity to discuss the items and explanations with younger ones along the way, and the repetition of the sentence “I’ll send something else” allows for younger children to join in with the story telling too. The letter style, complete with franked envelopes makes the book feel more festive, and reflects how well researched this book is.

Fans of this book would also enjoy How Winston Delivered Christmas.

A Thing Called Snow – Yuval Zommer

RRP – £12.99 (Hardback)

Telling the tale of a Fox and Hare that have become close friends over the summer, since being born in Spring. When they are informed Snow is on its way the pair are excited and curious to learn more about something they have never seen or experienced before, so they set off to ask each of their friends for more information and clarity. After a busy day of finding out details and exploring the pair realise they are two far from home to get back by bedtime so they decide to cosy up together and are soon fast asleep, only to wake in the morning to their friends greeting them in the snow! A great way of explaining to younger children just what snow is, especially given that global warming has meant a lack of snowy seasons in this past decade, and many children have yet to experience snow – or even just see it for that matter! Each of the duo’s friends references a keyword used to describe snow, and then relates it to something more relevant to the pair (and readers in all likelihood).

The Twelve Days of Christmas – Alex T. Smith

  • RRP £9.99 (Hardback)
  • Published by Macmillan Children’s Books
  • Festive Red and Gold Foil cover design

The Christmas Carol we have all come to know over the years – with a twist that sees all the items over the twelve days of christmas originate as a gift from Grandma (instead of “My True Love”) making this such a beautiful read to share with grandchildren/Grandparents, and as something younger readers will no doubt reference in conversations with their Grandma’s (and Grandads!) as well as siblings, friends, and teachers too! I bet there will be lots of librarians getting this book recommended for the school library too. Created through Alex trying to recall the timeless classic, this book has the hilarious sentences to accompany the gorgeous illustrations that will ensure this is a huge hit time and time again, and a true future classic.

The Three Wishes (A Christmas Story) – Alan Snow

  • Published by Pavilion
  • £12.99 (Hardback)
  • Released on 5th November

Telling of how gifts get left beside loved ones whilst the sleep on an annual basis, and of reindeer that fly, this is the festive read that will get children truly aware of the concept of christmas, and the backstory behind santa claus. To teach children the message of giving gifts to those we love and without recognition is an incredibly valid message, and to give them some explanation as to how santa claus is able to visit every child across the world in one night (through time stopping still when he comes to deliver presents) will ensure they aren’t left wondering that detail. The beautiful illustrative content to this book has a traditional feel that older generations will appreciate as they share in the story with younger readers, and also contributes to the timeless appeal of this book.

The Tree That’s Meant To Be – Yuval Zommer

  • Published by Oxford University Press
  • RRP – £6.99 (Paperback)

Telling the story of how a tree that doesn’t grow the same way as the other trees in the forest area is not picked by families that arrive there, looking to choose and cut down trees for their homes over the festive period. Feeling lonely all by himself, the tree calls out for a companion and the very next day finds animals that belong amongst the forest have come to celebrate him, decorating him with nuts and berrys. The tree realises he is the tree that was meant to be just how he is, and where he is, amongst friends for years to come. Lyrical text combined with stunning illustrations make this a must read this festive season, and for so many more years to come as it becomes the story book children associate with picking christmas trees and look forward to hearing this heart warming story.

All of the titles featured are available to buy from all good booksellers, with indie bookshops offering delivery options online so as to maintain much needed support.

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