The Book of Timeless Memories – A Poem by my Mum, inspired by Jackie Morris’ Book of Classic Nursery Rhymes

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Earlier this week I shared a blog about Jackie Morris’ Book of Classic Nursery Rhymes, which was very personal to me in content and context, and since writing the blog I gave the book to my mum – curious as to which nursery rhymes were significant to her, and the memories they would remind her of. I am delighted that my mum went as far as to write a poem regarding the book, and sent it to me creating an entire new memory between us that I will cherish. I want to share that poem with you all on my blog today as I believe it signifies the message I was trying to put across in my earlier blog. This is what my mum sent to me, enjoy –

My daughter Sam has given me a book of classic nursery rhymes

Very unexpected a kind gesture, reminds me of great times

Saying to my children so many different ones, also pat a cake & this little piggy with smiles.

Recently with my grandson Henry I did clap and say, nursery rhymes can bridge the gap of miles.

I am sure mum did say these to me, as she would have done so

I do remember her singing me to sleep each night, bless her with gusto

This book to treasure with delightful illustrations, make the rhymes leap out

Before being able to read seeing these makes one know what it’s all about

The written word in all its forms , brilliant to see a child wide eyed

To think the impossible is possible, classical tales are displayed

We need books in our lives like this one , closeness together like peas in a pod

Taken to bed all warm and snug to release a dream , or sitting on a knee, is so good

Sharing is the key i feel, making learning fun for them to see

Teaching the young , a different book world, is how it should be. 

Written with Love for daughter Sam. Xxxx

I hope this encourages more people to share Nursery Rhymes, and create memories of your own. They bridge the gap between generations, help children to enjoy literature, rhyme and poetry, and most of all they are fun – something we all need.

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