Exciting Early Chapter Titles to Enjoy – October Half Term Reads (1/2)

With half term break only days away I am excited to find time to read those books that I do not have time for otherwise. The weather continues to be cold and damp for most of us, and with children requiring entertaining as much as they are seeking escapism I have compiled a selection of books perfect for those readers that are looking to move away from picture books, and consequently have a longer adventure/reading experience.

Mirabelle gets up to Mischief – Harriet Muncaster

  • 102 pages of brilliance from the author of Isadora Moon
  • Half Witch and Half Fairy main character
  • Fans of Magic and Mayhem with love reading this book

Cousin to the iconic Isadora, we are treated to the world of Mirabelle in this latest title from Harriet Muncaster, and it is an incredible adventure story from the offset. Having made a promise to her dad that she won’t use any witch magic at the fairy ball her family will be attending Mirabelle feels bad for knowing she is unlikely to be able to keep it, especially as she has packed some of her witching resources to take along with her. Nothing though can prepare Mirabelle for the consequences of her actions, even though she thought them to be so innocent at the time. Readers will learn that it isn’t the trouble and mess we get ourselves into that defines us, it is owning up, telling the truth, asking for help, and seeing where you went wrong. Gorgeous iconic looking illustrations adorn the book from cover to cover, in a purple to contrast the pink we have come to recognise Isadora from, and the back of the book features recipes/crafting guides – what more could we ask for?

Leo’s Map of Monsters – The Armoured Goretusk – Kris Humphrey, and illustrated by Pete Williamson

  • 141 pages of awesome adventuring!
  • Phenomenal illustrations throughout from the incredible Pete Williamson
  • Features Map at front of book to track story progress

On the day of his ninth birthday Leo is made aware of the role of a guardian who lives outside of the wall that circles his village, protecting all of the people living their from the animals that roam the wild. When Leo is handed the apprentice position for the role of guardian he doesn’t know what to think – especially when the truth is revealed to him, but one thing is certain, he must protect that which lives on both sides of the wall and find a way to maintain a balance. A brilliant adventure story that readers of beast themed stories will enjoy immensely.

Dirty Bertie Totally Epic – Alan MacDonald, illustrated by David Roberts

  • 3 books in 1 special
  • Features Burp!, Monster! and Disco!
  • 286 pages of hilarious storytelling

Treating readers to three stories of the well known character Dirty Bertie, which are perfect for those children taking the leap into early chapter stories. There are plenty of LOL moments, and great quality story content to enjoy, and the three stories in the one book make this incredible value for money too.

Willow Wildthing and the Dragon’s Egg – Gill Lewis, illustrated by Rebecca Bagley

  • Additional titles in the series available – Willow Wildthing and the Swamp Monster, Willow Wildthing and the Shooting Star, and Willow Wildthing and the Magic Scroll
  • 116 pages of adventure await readers
  • Story related activity features at end of book

In this latest title in the series readers get to tag along with Willow and the other Wildthings face a battle to retake their camp after they find it has been taken over by others. A treat awaits readers as they are met with Witches, Dragons, and much more.

Freddie’s Amazing Bakery -Dancing with Doughnuts – Harriet Whitehorn, illustrated by Alex G Griffiths

  • Additional titles available – The Great Raspberry Mix Up, and The Cookie Mystery
  • 111 pages in total
  • Glossary and book related recipe feature at the end of the book

The third instalment in this fabulous series that features Freddie, the lead male character that loves to bake, and is always happy to help others. Freddie helps his best friend Amira overcome her fears of dancing in the upcoming summer show, but must be careful that others are not successful in their attempts to sabotage things. A great read for early chapter readers that are looking for a series that combines relatable characters, and a love of baking!

Emil and the Great Escape – Astrid Lindgren, illustrated by Mini Grey

  • By the author of the utterly brilliant Pippi Longstocking
  • 73 page adventure
  • Additional titles are available in this series (see below)

As readers come to enjoy the world of Emil and the adventures he gets up to it is great that the books available build in length. Encouraging children to invest further and further in the stories that they read with a character they will undoubtedly come to love from early on as he wrestles a robber, teaches a pig to dance, chase rats and so much more in these trouble filled, action packed adventures.

137 pages in length
192 pages in length

Planet Omar Incredible Rescue Mission – Zanib Mian, illustrated by Nasaya Mafaridik

  • Additional titles in the Planet Omar series available – Accidental Trouble Magnet, and Unexpected Super Spy
  • 238 page total story inside
  • Brilliant combination of text, varied font writing across the page, and illustrations – making the pages stand out and excite the reader

This third instalment in the series sees Omar and his friends create a plan to rescue their teacher that they believe to have been abducted by aliens! The layout, design, and combination of illustrative content/creative text makes this book perfect for fans of Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and those readers that are deterred by large portions of text on any given page.

Museum Kittens The Pharaoh’s Curse – Holly Webb, illustrated by Sarah Lodge

  • Also available – Museum Kittens The Midnight Visitor
  • 144 page story inside
  • Extract from first title in series features at the back of the book

Who doesn’t love a Holly Webb story? and this one is no different, telling of the kittens adventuring around the museum after visiting hours end. The arrival of an egyptian artefact causes a great stir amongst the kittens, and soon they start to believe in a rumoured curse relating to it, which they feel certain is the cause of flooding that happens in the museum too. The survival of the kittens in such dramatic circumstances will have readers intrigued to the end, and the gorgeous illustrations that feature throughout compliment the story perfectly.

Mermaids Rock – The Ice Giant – Linda Chapman and Mirelle Ortega

  • 139 page adventure awaits
  • Information and Facts feature at the end of the book, telling readers about Arctic animals

The third book in this new series, an adventure awaits readers as they accompany Kai and Marina through the whirlpool to check on Marina’s dad who went away to the arctic to do some research but has failed to make contact with home. Stunningly illustrated, and involving creatures relevant to the habitats that are visited, these books are perfect for fans of animals, adventures and magical madness.

Happy Half Term everyone!

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