Beautiful Board Books for Babies and Toddlers #3

There is no better way to encourage a love of books and reading then to introduce books and stories to babies as early as possible – even as early as in the womb! I have seen first hand the positive long term influence and effect that sharing books with babies has, to the point where the first item a child chooses to take to a sleepover or play date is a selection of their favourite books. It is heartwarming when younger readers are excited to choose books to share with family members and friends, and request visits to the local library too. Given that the reading skills a child builds impact their ability to do well across the entire school curriculum it is safe to say that finding the right title to excite and immerse a young reader is key to their longer term success. With that in mind I am delighted to introduce you to my first board book themed blog which is full of amazing titles to inspire, excite, enjoy and indulge in!

Gobbly Goat – Axel Scheffler

  • From the Farmyard Friends series, with other titles available in the series
  • Written and Illustrated by the illustrator behind The Gruffalo (and other Julia Donaldson classics)
  • Published on 6th August 2020 by Nosy Crow
  • The back page features a QR code that allows access to an audio version of the story.

Goat is on the hunt for something nice to eat, but doesn’t like what he finds while wandering, and cannot reach more tasty options such as apples in trees. Then Goat spots some yummy food inside the farm house and sneaks inside! The book has a funny ending that is sure to make younger readers laugh, and request this book be read over and over again. The illustrations have the iconic style we are familiar with through Axel’s other infamous collaborations, and bring the animals we associate on a farm to life on the page, making familiarisation for younger readers easier and more enjoyable.

Cuddly Cow – Axel Scheffler

  • Published on 6th August 2020 by Nosy Crow.
  • One of a selection of animal themed books in the Farmyard Friends series
  • Features a QR Code on the back cover that allows readers access to an audiobook version.

Featuring rhyming sentencing throughout, this book tells of a Cow on a typical farm that is looking for somewhere to lay down and rest, but faces reluctance and refusal with each animal he approaches. When he comes across a field of Sheep an idea forms that sees Cow counting Sheep, and nodding off to sleep! A brilliant way to end the book, ensuring children enjoy the story to the end, and are left smiling. Children can become familiar with many animals found on a farm, with Cow taking centre stage.

Listen to the Seaside – Marion Billet

  • Published on 6th August 2020 by Nosy Crow.
  • Additional titles available in the series
  • Featuring real-life sounds

Each page of this book has an example of something that corresponds with the seaside theme, from a boat to animals – including seagulls! There is a button on each page that plays the sound that corresponds with what can be found in the picture, such as the boat in the sea. The beautiful illustrations are brightly coloured and give you vibes of a lovely summery day. The sound buttons encourage interaction and make this a fun, interesting title for younger readers.

Meekoo and the little nursery – Camilla Reid and Nicola Slater

  • Published on 6th August 2020 by Nosy Crow.
  • Features sound buttons to press throughout
  • Additional titles available

This is a fantastic book to share with younger children that have just started or are starting nursery, as it portrays the experiences of the nursery setting – good and bad, such as when Meekoo is left out of a game by his friends, but it ends well when he makes a new friend. The buttons to press encourage interaction from younger audiences, and the sounds are those of familiar noises but relevant to nursery too – like the flushing of the loo!

Hello Hello – Brendan Wenzel

  • Published 8th September 2020 by Chronicle Books

This is a really fun board book that features comparisons between just about everything you could compare animals by – colour, size, patterns/textures, being loud or quiet, etc. The opposites are also detailed in rhyming verse which makes this even more fun to read, and at the back of the book there are little icon images of each animal that has featured, which would then enable longevity of this book by encouraging younger children to search for the animals inside of the book. The illustrations are beautifully detailed and portray the referenced features impeccably making interpretation easier for the reader. The selection of animals featured is vast, and they are native to every continent too which ensures this is interesting, exciting, and educational.

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