10 Reasons why I love the Bloomsbury High/Low Heroes Titles

Published at the start of the academic year by Bloomsbury Education, the heroes themed High Low books have proven a valuable addition to my library, and I am excited to share my reasons for advocating these titles via my blog platform, so that others can benefit from an awareness to the potential these titles have to offer.

  1. These titles are written by Benjamin Hulme-Cross – an author that has written over thirty titles aimed predominantly at struggling readers.
  2. The books are illustrated by Alessia Trunfio and they are incredibly detailed. Fans of Marvel will delight in seeing Thor in his familiar portrayal, and enjoy seeing potentially lesser known characters come to life on the page.
  3. Printed on tinted paper to allow dyslexic readers to be able to enjoy this selection.
  4. Bloomsbury Education collaborated with Catch Up – experts in reading with the intention of working to address underachievement in children caused by difficulties in Literacy and Numeracy.
  5. English Additional Language, and Reluctant Readers would enjoy these books too, especially as they have a fantastic balance of text to illustration, and the 96 page total in each book will be less likely to deter reluctant children.
  6. Invaluable resources to support National Curriculum – these books are beneficial to those children in KS2 learning about Myths and Legends (King Arthur), Ancient Greece (Odysseus,Hercules), and Norse Myths and Legends (Thor)
  7. Affordable titles at £6.99 each. These books offer so many benefits across themes, intended audiences, and quality.
  8. Wording in these books is relevant and relatable to the latest generation of readers, with references to modern attire, and phrasing and statements that children would be familiar with.
  9. A Themed Series such as this one is an additional bonus to a Dyslexia department in school, who can offer the choice of titles to respective readers and point out the additional titles they can choose beyond the one they are reading, and these would also be a valuable addition to a school library as they offer longevity to readers with the four titles on offer. This would also be relevant to EAL audiences, and notable to reluctant readers too.
  10. The Main Characters of the books will likely provoke further interest in the respective topics and themes within them, and in a way that is personal to each reader. Those that enjoy learning the factual aspects will likely look for interesting titles from the non-fiction sections of the school library, and those that enjoyed the characters will likely look for more fiction/graphic novels of similar relevance too.

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