The Accidental Wizard by Kimberly Pauley – Blog Tour

  • Published on 3rd September 2020 by Scholastic
  • Perfect for fans of Amy Wilson, J K Rowling, Winnie and Wilbur, and Beast Quest.
  • Features stunning illustrations throughout

As someone who is delighted to come across literature to recommend to children that are fans of a specific theme or character, I am delighted to have had the opportunity to feature The Accidental Wizard on my blog, and be a part of the book tour. Readers of early chapter books such as Winnie and Wilbur and the Beast Quest series will be excited to learn that there is this incredible book awaiting them as they grow in confidence with their reading, and those that are looking for their next middle grade adventure (8-12 year olds) will find this is full of magic, loveable characters, mischief, mayhem, and adventure.

The story tells of a Sage’s apprentice named Twig, who is always expected to clear up the mess made by the incredibly clumsy Ripplemintz, the Wizard that Twig is hoping to learn from. With every spell that is cast there is usually a disastrous outcome, and it is Twig that has to sweep up the glass, and put out the fires! When Ripplemintz happens across a spell he cast when he was much younger, and accidentally releases it from where it was trapped, it falls upon Twig to deal with the problems it causes, and recapture the spell.

Soon there are fires and damage to lead Twig in the direction of the freed spell, and there is even a giant gnome! But when Twig goes to capture the spell it doesn’t go according to plan, and consequently Twig finds he now has magical powers, as the spell has been absorbed into him! As Twig has yet to learn how to control magic it isn’t long before things start to go wrong. Not liking what being magical has done to him Twig embarks on an incredible journey seeking any help and advice he can to remove the magic within him – and before he has to take part in a magic filled event the king has demanded he attends too!

Picking up a companion after crossing paths with a wannabe hag called Vile, and a feisty gnome, the trio embark on a long and at times dangerous journey far from home in search of the answers Twig seeks. It isn’t long before Twig makes rash decisions and impulsive actions without any thought for the consequences, which will definitely resonate with readers as they anticipate there being repercussions later on. This is one of the many aspects of this book that will have readers captivated, along with the vividity in which author Kimberly Pauley writes of the world in which all of this magic and mayhem takes place in – immersing readers from the offset, and encouraging their imaginations throughout.

With a highly detailed map at the front of the book that allows readers to plot the story as it develops, and stunning illustrations adorning pages throughout the book – the work of illustrator Jason Cockcroft, it is easy to see why this book is popular with confident chapter book readers, and will undoubtedly remain so given that it allows access to an entirely new world of magic and wizardry for readers to dwell in. There are laughs to be had along the way, as well as tender moments that give you warm fuzzy feelings, which is definitely what children are in need of, perhaps now more than ever.

I certainly felt invested in Twigs story as I read this sensational story, hoping he would get his happy ever after, and even longing for answers in relation to other characters within the book too. With a distinct lack of truly magical stories to offer children that are fans of that genre it is exciting to add this title to the recommended reads list in the school library in which I work, and for readers at home too.

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