The Witches The Graphic Novel – Penelope Bagieu

Combining the scariest Roald Dahl story with the skills of incredibly talented illustrator Penelope Bagieu has seen The Witches The Graphic Novel come to book shelves this month, and it is everything we could possibly want it to be and so much more besides!

  • Stunning Illustrations – It isn’t difficult to understand how Penelope Bagieu has won the Eisner Award, an award that recognises creative achievement in American comic books, just look at the illustrations within this breathtaking, eye catching and incredibly detailed graphic novel which published 3rd September by Scholastic.
  • The Comic strip style layout is incredibly easy to follow, even if you are unfamiliar with the story itself, with characters that are easy to identify as the story builds and plot along the way.
  • The illustrations really build up the danger and tension perfectly as the reader becomes acquainted with how to identify a witch in society, and learns of one in particular that has one goal – rid the world of all the children!
  • This is the first time a Roald Dahl title has been designed into a graphic novel, and given that the story is more befitting to children aged 8+ this is an ideal book to introduce the famous author to reluctant readers who will undoubtedly become huge fans as a consequence of interacting with this title, and then look for other titles by Dahl in the school library or book shop.
  • Being more visual then the novel version of The Witches enables children to use their imaginations beyond what they are already able to interpret from the illustrations. There is always a need to stimulate children’s imaginations, and the benefits are academic too.

I really hope this is the first of many Roald Dahl titles that are transformed into graphic novels for children that prefer this genre of book to be able to enjoy titles from the greatest of children’s authors, bringing them to life in stunning full colour illustrations for the latest generation of readers and those that follow too. As soon as I saw the beautiful cover design I found myself intrigued to see the content, and I fell in love with the stunning visualisation of an amazing read.

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