Exciting Chapter Books for 7 to 9 Year Olds – Little Tiger titles publishing Today

A beautiful selection of early chapter books aimed at 7-9 year olds is publishing this summer, and these titles from Little Tiger are fantastic examples of the variety on offer, whilst always maintaining high quality content and relevance, both of which ensure that readers will engage with the books time and time again.

Buddy’s Story – Blake Morgan

An incredibly powerful and emotional story that tells of Buddy, a detection dog that completes training and is paired with Noah, a young boy with medical issues that mean he needs to be careful throughout each day or risk needing medical intervention. Buddy uses his sense to determine how Noah is, and when necessary will make Noah aware that he needs to stop what he is doing, and take medication if necessary too. Told entirely from Buddy’s perspective, we are taken on a journey that will see Noah succeed and get himself into trouble too, and then pick himself right back up and do it all again – something readers will undoubtedly pick up on and admire. Everywhere Noah goes Buddy follows, so when Noah gets into trouble it falls to Buddy to be there for him, and save the day like the true hero he is. With twists that keep you intrigued throughout the entire story, and a beautiful ending to complete the story perfectly, Buddy’s story has all the depth and quality of a brilliant chapter book for younger readers that are looking to build their reading confidence.

A Robot Ate My Grandma – Dave Cousins

In a hilarious tale of a missing grandma mixed with malfunctioning robots and craziness, A Robot ate my Grandma will engage young readers imaginations along with their smiles, as they follow Jess and Jake on their mission to uncover the truth as to where their grandma has gone, finding a robot in her place when they go to visit. What follows is brilliant fun filled adventuring that seeks great grandmas scaling the outside of buildings, and truths being uncovered. This is a great way of getting readers to enjoy stories as this is the third title in the series, with a fourth on the way.

Level Up! Last One Standing – Tom Nicoll

With a Fortnite and PUBG feel from the offset, this instalment of the Level Up! series tells of Flo and Max’s adventure in the gaming world – and Flo’s mum has joined them too! Having to survive until the end in order to leave the gaming world, the pair need to decide whether old enemies can become new friends that they can trust, and ensure they keep an eye on the safe zone that shrinks as the game goes on. Children will be all to familiar with the content of these books, and won’t have any trouble becoming immersed in the story, making this a great way to introduce children to early chapter books, and the enjoyment awaiting them when they are read.

The Secret Kitten and Other Tales – Holly Webb

Providing the variety a three in one book is notorious for, this book contains Sammy the Shy Kitten, The Secret Kitten, and The Brave Kitten. All three stories contain the brilliance that Holly Webb offers in her animal themed stories – cuteness, family focus, and happy endings. The theme for this trio of short stories is Kittens, and those that love cats will utterly adore reading this selection, and looking for other titles available from this incredibly talented author too. Each story centres around a different main character that is brave, caring and considerate to nature – whether it be Lucy, who moves in with her gran in the first story, and longs for a pet of her own to care for, Helena who looks after a kitten that arrives at her parents vet surgery, or Emma, who finds the cat at the stables she rides at has had kittens! Lots of adventure awaits the reader of this brilliant collection.

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