Peeking At Picture Books – July 2020 (Part One)

Continuing blog content with Picture Book titles makes perfect sense given so many amazing titles in this category are publishing throughout 2020. The beauty of any quality selection of picture books is the variety that is offered in characters, content, illustrative design and so much more, and these are no exception.

Poo In The Zoo – The Great Poo Mystery

  • By Steve Smallman and Ada Grey
  • Published by Little Tiger
  • Due for publication on 9th July 2020

Following on from the initial title Poo in the Zoo, this is the next installment in the hilarious series that details poop in Bob Mcgrew’s Zoo. Rhyming sentences help ensure that younger audiences are hooked as they hear all about how Robbie the Robot is responsible for cleaning up all the poo made my the animals that reside in the zoo, being hilariously descriptive along the way, until an issue occurs that sees their being an abundance of poop and no sign of Robbie. Cue a poo investigator known as Arabella, who arrives to investigate the disappearance of the robot and to ascertain the culprit of all the new mess everywhere. Younger audiences will be giggling throughout whilst they are engrossed on determining where the story will go, and what will happen next, which makes this the perfect book to encourage children to enjoy reading, books and sharing stories.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright!

  • Poems selected by Fiona Waters
  • Illustrated by Britta Teckentrup
  • Published by Nosy Crow
  • Due for publication 3rd September 2020

There is so much that needs to be mentioned about this fabulous collection of animal themed poems that have been chosen by the same person that selected the poems in the incredibly successful 2018 Waterstones Gift Book of the Year – I Am The Seed That Grew The Tree which was also published by Nosy Crow. This book will come in the same gift worthy finish as the 2018 success, and contains a poem for each day of the year. Referencing animals from a variety of habitats and countries, written by incredible poets that live across the globe. As if those details do not already indicate how much time and research must have gone into creating this book, the poems contained within this book span the past 400 years – transporting you to the time of William Shakespeare. With illustrative content to compliment the poems, designed by the incredibly talented Britta Teckentrup – for whom we can thank for the illustrations in over 100 books to date, each full colour image depicts the animal that is the focus of the poem beautifully, vividly bringing them to life for audiences of all ages to enjoy.

Boo Loves Books

  • By Kaye Baillie and Tracie Grimwood
  • Published by New Frontier Publishing
  • Book publication date 28th May 2020

This is such a heartwarmingly beautiful story of a young girl overcoming her shyness and anxiety around others by being the kind and caring person she is, and trying to reassure a nervous dog. Phoebe avoids reading at all costs, especially when it means doing so in front of others, until a school trip takes her to a dog kennels where she meets one of the residents their and becomes determined to make a positive impact on them while she is there. The dog Phoebe is paired with is nervous and shy around people and Phoebe can relate to that, so she opens up and begins reading to the dog, and finds that in doing so the dog becomes relaxed around her. A powerful story that helps readers to realise it is perfectly normal to feel nervous and shy at times, and that kindness is an incredibly powerful tool that we shouldn’t be quick to overlook.

Little Bear’s Picnic (Cook With Me)

  • Written by Seb Braun
  • Published by Little Tiger
  • With over 35 flaps & a child-friendly recipe
  • Published on 11th June 2020

This beautiful board book tells the story of Little Bear and Big Bear going on a picnic, and the adventure they have along the way. With flaps on every page to add detail to the story and discover the key ingredients for the picnic basket younger readers are in for an incredible treat reading this book as they have so much to interact with, making the this more than just an ordinary book. At the end of the book the final flap reveals a recipe younger readers can enjoy with a supervising adult to assist. This is a fantastic way to incorporate children’s love of activities with books, and the use of vibrant illustrative content and flaps to interact with will ensure younger audiences remain engaged in the story to the very end. This isn’t just a book, it is a way to encourage children to enjoy books, storytime, and reading.

Hide and Seek, Under the Sea

  • Published by Little Tiger
  • Written by Rachel Elliot
  • Illustrated by Gareth Lucas
  • Published on 14th May 2020
  • Touch and Feel – Felt detailing

With rhyming sentences that detail an ocean adventure, this is a brilliant board book for younger audiences to enjoy, telling us of different ocean animals and plants that can be found along the way. Featuring a Whale, Octopus, Dolphin and smaller animals too, there is much to learn about the Ocean from this book, whilst using felt detailing on each of the gorgeously illustrated pages to hide the key animal/plant that is being referenced, requiring the younger reader to interact with the book throughout in order to continue the story. Children will delight in being able to take part in the story and definitely be hooked to the end of the book where they reach the final flap to discover the ending. Combining learning with fun, this is a book that readers will enjoy time and time again.

Ninja, Ninja, Never Stop!

  • Written by Todd Tuell
  • Illustrated by Tad Carpenter
  • Published by Abrams Appleseed – An imprint of Abrams
  • Publication date – 3rd March 2020

A hilarious board book story of one brother that is determined to succeed as a ninja around the house, making his younger brother jump and spoiling the activities he is taking part in. With a brilliant ending that sees the ‘ninja’ get a little taste of his own medicine, this rhyming book is perfect for younger audiences that enjoy sneaking, role play, and adventures. The bold colours used throughout really add to the retro feel of the book and the silhouetted look of the ninja really does draw your eye to the character as he contrasts so well. A fantastic title to excite younger audiences as they are introduced to story books, and the perfect title to share with siblings.

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