Peeking At Picture Books – June 2020 (Part Two)

With even more picture books to draw your attention to this month, here is another varied selection that would make perfect additional to bookcases at home and at school too. Whether you are looking for books to share with your baby, or titles to home within your classroom reading corner, these books would be perfect. They would make perfect gifts for children and adding them to school libraries would ensure students have access to the best quality picture books, with fantastic themes, storylines, characters, illustrative content, and much more besides. Picture books are the first examples of books that children truly acknowledge, and are essential in children’s development, education, and love of reading. As the summer break looms, and children are still at home for a last percentage of the time whilst the pandemic continues it is welcome escapism for both parents and younger audiences when the perfect book is shared.


  • Written by Harriet Evans and Andres Landazabal
  • Published by Caterpillar Books (Little Tiger)

A picture book dedicated entirely to the relationship and bond between male siblings, Brothers celebrates the many varieties that can be found in modern families, whether it is step-brother, half-brother or brother from the same mother. Written in beautiful rhyming sentences that evoke the relevant feelings and emotions associated with the love and bond between siblings, specifically brothers in this case. With gorgeous illustrations accompanying the text that use your stereotypical male colour choices, this book is an absolute gem to celebrate brothers, family relationships, bonds between siblings, and that all brothers are equally as special however they came to be.


  • Written by Harriet Evans and Andres Landazabal
  • Published by Caterpillar Books (Little Tiger)

The other title to Brothers, this gorgeous book celebrates the beautiful bond between sisters using rhyming text and stunning illustrations. The colour palette used within this book help portray the femininity of girls perfectly, and the verses on each page define the special bond and connection sisters have brilliantly. This really is the perfect title to make being a sister feel as incredible and special as it is, and as such would make a perfect gift for siblings to share or gift to one another, and could also be gifted to young children that can anticipate as a new sister soon, as stands for the Brothers title too.

  • Both titles were published on 11th June and are available to purchase from all good booksellers.

Paris Cat

  • Written by Dianne Hofmeyr and Illustrated by Piet Grobler
  • Due for publication on 9th July 2020
  • Published by Tiny Owl

This is the story of a parisian alley cat that decides to leave behind her family and friends and sets off on her own incredible adventure, living the high life and having entirely new experiences. Making clothes, enjoying music and the city atmosphere mean that the alley cat enjoys herself immensely, and she even makes friends and finds fame along the way. After a while though the novelty wears off and alley cat finds herself missing home, her family and friends. Only when she realises it is possible to take the part she enjoyed most of her time away from her family back to them, and allow them to enjoy it with her, does she set about making the necessary changes to get her home again. Given that she returns and brings with her the parts of her adventure that she enjoyed most, sharing the moments with those she care about most, it is safe to say the story ends with a cat relevant happy ever after. Teaching children how much family and friends mean, and that they will always be there when you need them, even after you experience your own adventures.

Sneaky Beak

  • Written by Tracey Corderoy
  • Illustrated by Tony Neal
  • Published by Little Tiger
  • Due for publication on 9th July 2020 (Paperback)

This is a story of a Bear that falls for the advertisements he sees which consequently lead to him making multiple changes around his and Hamster’s home. None of these changes benefit Hamster, or take the creature into consideration either, and when Bear feels bad he sets about trying to cheer Hamster up, but that only leads to more chaos! When Bear declares he is in need of a holiday he is sent to Space by the long beaked Bird from the adverts that has inspired Bear so much. It is only when Bear arrives in Space and has time to reflect on his decisions he comes to understand what is actually important, and sets about making sure Hamster knows how he feels. The story will definitely make you laugh at times whilst you come to appreciate that the items you own in life do not need replacing on a whim, and should be looked after and loved.

Superhero Baby!

  • Written by Patricia Hegarty
  • Illustrated by Alex Willmore
  • Published by Little Tiger
  • Due for publication on 9th July 2020 (Hardback)

With sentences that rhyme throughout the entire book, and some repetition as well, this book is incredibly fun to read whilst ensuring it is easy to follow. The story follows a baby who becomes a superhero at times of disaster and danger, always saving the day. She has a brother of the same age (twins I assumed) and he can always be found doing the ‘normal’ baby behaviourisms. As the incidents the superhero baby has to attend continue there comes a point when her baby brother is revealed to be more capable then we assumed, and it is a real WOW moment, especially as you do not anticipate it. The combination of brilliant text, stunning illustrations, and a twist in the story make this a perfect shared story book, in school as much as at home, particularly at bedtime when I can envisage younger children being absolutely engrossed as they follow Bear and Hamster’s ordeal.


  • Written and Illustrated by Jane Chapman
  • Published by Little Tiger
  • Due for publication on 9th July 2020 (Hardback)

Instantly, the cover design of this book captures your attention, tugs at your heart, and takes your breathe away. It is gorgeous. The story begins by introducing readers and younger audiences to a small Ape, alone in the jungle and fearful of the vastness of the world around them, and all the dangers too. Then a larger Ape arrives and offers much needed companionship to the younger mammal and introduces him to the pack, offering him safety and security. The little Ape won’t have been abandoned in the jungle as a consequence of anything nice, and would have been sad and struggling with loss when he is found. It is the kindness and compassion shown by the older of the two from the very offset of them meeting one another that would have reassured the youngster and provided him with hope and some much needed happiness. This is an incredibly heartwarming story, indicative from the goosebumps you get when admiring the books cover, that remain with you throughout the story.

Goodnight World

  • Written by Nicola Edwards
  • Illustrated by Hannah Tolson
  • Published by Little Tiger

Written in rhyming verse this book tells us of many different ways to see out the day and head to bed, and the many different ways to say goodnight, using languages from all across the globe. The term used to wish someone goodnight is broken down for readers to be able to ensure they pronounce it correctly, which is invaluable given some countries do not pronounce letters the same way others do. Learning different languages whilst enjoying seeing the different places people lay their head at night and the routine they undertake prior to getting into bed make this an incredibly interesting read that younger audiences will insist on hearing over and over again, and then cherishing with pride once they learn to wish another person goodnight in an additional language to their own.

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