Amazing Islands – 100+ Places That Will Boggle Your Mind Blog Tour

There is so much to learn from the very moment you look inside this latest title by Sabrina Weiss, author of last year’s Ocean : Secrets of the Deep, and readers can be sure they will enjoy unforgettable journeys to places that they will definitely have heard of before, and places that they haven’t too. Locations featuring early on in the book include those made more familiar by David Attenborough through his television series Galapagos and that which is better known for the crazy animated antics and famous voice overs, Madagascar. There are so many interesting facts to learn about each of the islands included in the book along the way, from animal and human inhabitants making these places their homes, to landscapes, access, survival and so much more.

Amazing Islands Blog Tour

Interestingly, islands that are mostly uninhabited by humans were important to Sabrina to incorporate into this title, so using technology such as Google Earth to research those places meant they are a part of this fantastic non-fiction title, and given that a tenth of the world’s population live on an island this is not only relevant information to promote to many, it is essential learning regarding our planet as a whole. Nothing is more intriguing than the unknown and bringing those places we will never likely see and visit ourselves to life in this book makes this a guaranteed hit with young readers, especially with the incredible illustrations that enable us to visualise the terrain, the nature found within these places, and the elements that influence them too.

Illustrator Kerry Hyndman brings the places that feature inside this book to life so vividly that you can feel the wind on your face, hear the birds native to these islands calling to one another, and get a real sense for the isolation some of these places emulate. The illustrative content within this book draws your eye to every inch of paper – taking in the bright lights of Hong Kong, the infamous Alcatraz, the warmth of Cuba.

Sabrina Weiss

This highly informative book features fact files, a world map, a double page fold out, and page layouts that see text in bitesize amounts to provide focus on each destination we as the reader get to travel to as we advance through this book. As the book concludes by telling us of an island in China that no vehicles can access and is home to an incredible book shop, we can look forward to further titles to come in this Our Amazing World series from publishers What on Earth Books that include one specialising in Animals.

Amazing Islands 100+ Places That Will Boggle Your Mind published on 4th June 2020 in Hardback.

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