Peeking At Picture Books – May 2020 (Part Three)

As I continue to enjoy Picture Books at home I am delighted that sharing titles here on my blog has proven popular and useful to others in similar roles, and given an insight into the brilliant titles being published in the coming weeks as well as recently too. As we edge nearer to Fathers Day I am keen to share some family themed titles, and those relevant to the occasion itself. There are also books featuring fish, friendships, bears, turtles, and so much more. An incredible variety of books await…

Sea – Britta Teckentrup

This stunning ocean based story tells of life in our oceans, how the different species learn to survive, adapting to their surroundings, protecting themselves, and so much more. As we follow a little fish on a journey under the sea we get to meet many different creatures and learn interesting details about them such as squids using ink as a defence mechanism and how dolphins use sonar to communicate. With text that rhymes throughout and illustrations that immerse you in amongst the most beautiful oceanic scenes, this book is perfect for introducing young readers to ocean life, and entertaining for those that are already fans.

Publishing in July 2020 by Little Tiger, the paperback version of this book is peep through in design, making the book more engaging as it is being shared. This book would fit into primary school library stock perfectly as it is both educational and exciting to read.

I Can Catch a Monster – Bethan Woollvin

Publishing in July by Two Hoots, this bold coloured, hardback picture book looks utterly iconic from cover to cover as it tells the story of Bo the Brave – a young girl that is left behind by her brothers when they go in search of a monster, deeming her too young and little to accompany them. Unwilling to be miss the opportunity, Bo sneaks out and heads off on her own adventure coming across many potential monsters along the way that leave her questioning whether each one of them even fits the category, especially given that they show her such kindness, and help her to achieve her mission of catching a monster.

The outcome of Bo’s adventure (no spoilers, you really do need to get the book in July) leaves readers considering what it is that defines a monster, and given that you would usually associate that term with behaviours it is an interesting take that it is those that we typically call monsters, like fire breathing dragons, that show a kind, caring, thoughtful side in the story with others that definitely aren’t your typical monster being just that. The story will make you giggle along the way as you follow an incredibly brave and clever young girl on an unforgettable adventure, whilst learning the power of showing kindness, and the perception others apply to you because of your behaviour. This is also a great book to reflect the importance of first impressions, of which the first and last impression of this book is that the illustrative content compliments the text perfectly because of the unique style, high quality, vibrant content.

Impossible! – Tracey Corderoy and Tony Neal

Since this book was published in early April 2020 it has become my go to picture book for a travel based adventure story with a positive vibe. The story tells of a Dog that longs to experience the authenticity of the seaside but sees the distance he would need to travel in order to get there as an obstacle he cannot overcome, until he happens upon a Crab in his laundry basket. Eager to return home the Crab looks for ways to get to the seaside and soon realises he will need Dog’s help to get him there and through his gentle persuasion Crab changes Dog’s mind, now seeing the adventure ahead.

With additional challenges to face along the way it sound becomes clear to Dog that if he starts to believe in himself, and what he is capable of, then he will definitely be able to overcome the hurdles and fulfill his dream. This is such a beautiful book from publishers Little Tiger, who have achieved a fantastic animal adventure story which reinforces the power of a positive mindset, and the reward in believing in yourself more. The illustrations reflect this message perfectly, as well as ensuring younger audiences can interpret the story visually, and get an understanding for the challenges Dog faces, and the importance of him reaching the end goal.

My Mama – Annemarie Van Haeringen

This is such a beautiful book that features the bond between a mother and child so authentically, and in such a tender and endearing way. When I read this book aloud at home my Son laughed in all the relevant places, signalling his agreement with the content. The illustrations portray the respective text perfectly, and ensure even more smiles and laughter too. Published by Gecko Press in February it would be easy to associate this book with mothers day, but actually this book is more than just a once a year celebration.

An ideal first picture book to share with younger audiences, this book would be perfect shared with a parent – and followed up with lots of hugs and kisses, thus being an ideal bedtime read that would easily become a family favourite and a regularly requested book for sure. This is definitely a read that celebrates family bonds and how special they are.

A Friend for Bear – Steve Smallman and Caroline Pedlar

There is no way that readers won’t fall in love with Bear after reading this delightful story from Little Tiger that tells of how Bear wakes up from hibernation for Spring and is eager to experience and enjoy a long list of things, and he hurries around at full speed trying to ensure he accomplishes everything. It seems that Bear doesn’t know how long Spring lasts and is pleasantly surprised when Tortoise tells him he has more than just one day to enjoy.

It is Tortoise that helps Bear to realise he needs to slow down in order to be able to enjoy the tasks on his list, missing out on opportunities as he rushes around, having become friends with Bear at the start of the story, and then accompanying him on his journey. The message of slowing down to enjoy the experiences we have along with those we get to have them with is incredibly valuable for younger children to realise. This is a heartwarming tale with a traditional feel, confirmed by the stunning illustrations that portray an adorable Bear and all of the beauty around him perfectly.

That Dog! – Emma Lazell

This hilarious second title in this picture book series tells of how Penny is a dog lover that is keen to get her hands on yet another dog – she has a fair few already – and sends her sidekick Pat to go and retrieve the dog from his home. Penny describes that dog to Pat and he sets off on his mission only to come back with the wrong animal. This continues which makes you laugh harder and harder as the story builds, before finally the pair find themselves in the company of that dog, but not for the reasons they had hoped for.

The book looks to teach young readers about right and wrong, and does so in a fun and interesting way that ensures readers are immersed in the story throughout and that they enjoy the book too. The illustrations are detailed and eye catching, drawing in the reader and helping ensure they follow the story as it develops, and can determine the plot before the story is read aloud and enjoy the silliness as it becomes apparent. This will definitely be a popular title in classroom reading corners as well as in primary school libraries. Look out for this title, coming August 2020 from Pavilion Books.

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