Celebrating International Poetry Day – Sharing Poetry written by my Mum

March 21st is International Poetry Day, a day when people shine a light on poetry across the world, so I thought I would take the opportunity (albeit two days late) to shine a light on the poetry my mum wrote recently – especially as it was Mothers Day yesterday too! The poems in this blog post were written by my mum after she read the relevant picture book referenced.

Rhinocorn’ inspired by Rhinocorn Rules – Matt Carr

Ron the Rhino, did feel different to the others

he liked fun, laughter and music, not want to follow brothers

They were keeping to the rules, being alone, bit grumpy and charging

But Ron thought not make friends like this, they just kept running

so he rolled in dust, and mushed berries to cover in colours

He made friends, called himself Rhinocorn, this spread to the elders

Be yourself forget the rules, which he tore up easily

his new found friends agreed, they played merrily

However Rhinos are the most endangered species on earth, we need to act now

find out how you can protect them, go online it will show you how

“A Trucks Dreams” inspired by The Old Truck by Jerome and Jarrett Pumphrey

There was a truck on a farm – worked long and hard, it did become weird and also grew tired

The truck did rest, dreamed it sailed the seas, and looked closely at the stars

It went to a new farmer even though older, it carried on regardless – even became much bolder

The farmer worked long hours each and every day, had dreams and persisted – never letting them go away

Reaching her goals and a better life for all – many reasons to be cheerful, so she stood tall

However hard it gets never doubt hopes and dreams can come true, I do believe with all my heart not just for me but also for you.

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