The House on Hoarder Hill – Mikki Lish and Kelly Ngai

It is my turn on the blog tour of this outstanding new title from Mikki Lish and Kelly Ngai, and I am beyond excited to be able to share how much I loved reading this magical adventure story. From the offset there is a heartwarming feel to this read as well as an air of mystery as siblings Hedy and Spencer arrive at their grandads house, The house on Hoarder Hill. With their parents off travelling the two have to make the best of staying in a house that has as many rules as it does rooms, with many of the latter being out of bounds to the children. Grandad is a curious character, whilst he has an air of authority around him he also seems to enjoy a little sleight of hand, and the children soon warm to him and the house too. When Spencer is asleep Hedy sneaks into the room next door, an out of bounds room that the pair had been in earlier in the day, and that is when the magic of the house jumps out of the page at the reader, immersing them in amongst the strange behaviour and uncertainty.

Authors Mikki Lish and Kelly Ngai

While in the room Hedy watches as words are written in dust on top of the furniture by an invisible finger, and this is when the journey to unravel the mystery of the message and seek out the truth begins and sees the two children secretly searching for clues around the house without grandad finding out. Being set at christmas time within a house surrounded by snow really gives this story a strong family feel, and helps create an isolated landscape that the house sits within. Hedy and Spencer team up with a talking Stag head and a Bear rug that can also speak, but they soon find out that not all the magic within the house has good intentions and they continue on with caution.

This is an unforgettable story that confident readers will relish the chance to be able to engross themselves in, and I certainly would have loved this book when I was a child, looking for books that have relatable characters in, and a plot that fuels my imagination, and this book does just that. I really did not want to put this book down, curious about what else is in store for Hedy and Spencer, whether they uncover the truth and solve the mystery that lies within the house. I would have loved to be either of these children within The house on Hoarder Hill and experience all of the unusual, crazy antics held within – and the beauty of this book is that as the reader you do feel as though you are there too. The book is detailed in every way possible, from furniture that displays suspicious behaviour to the rooms within the house (and so much more), and it is this attention given within each chapter that ensures you remain hooked as the reader, enjoying the story and how it flows.

I highly recommend this title for primary school libraries as it offers readers the depth and quality to the text that teachers would endorse, and offers escapism to readers that may well be seeking it (especially if they are studying SATs for example). I have loved being able to take part in this blog tour and being able to celebrate such a stunning read right here on my site, and would like to thank Chicken House for the opportunity to join my fellow bloggers on this tour. I encourage you to check out the other stops on the tour (see banner at the top of this page). The House on Hoarder Hill published on 5th March and is available in all good book shops.

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