My WBD Week Musings of 2020 – #7

It is World Book Day Week! That came around super quickly. We have been busy choosing and displaying characters from popular children’s books on my school library window – and they look amazing! I have shared pictures on my twitter. The library is going from strength to strength and as I approach the 3rd anniversary of my taking on the role of a librarian within my own primary school library I have reflected on the progress we have made in that time and proudly look forward to many more interesting and developmental years to come.

I am reading Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue to my 10yo at his bedtime, which is proving to be as popular with him as the previous title from Anna Fargher. We are loving returning to Pip and her adventures in France and enjoy trying to guess what the relevance of the title to each chapter is before reading on, and look for clues as to what to anticipate further into the story. I was recently as Euston underground tube station and saw a small mouse roaming between the tracks as I waited, and I became fascinated by its presence there as it isn’t a habitat I would associate with mice. The entire time I was there I kept thinking of Pip.

I have recently finished reading Where the World turns Wild which I thoroughly enjoyed and cannot recommend it enough, and I have also been reading The Faraway Truth by Janae Marks which publishes on WBD! Anyone that read my blog on The Collector by K.R.Alexander may be interested to know that the Year Six class I gifted the book to are being read the story via their incredible teacher who loves to inspire them with a new title, different genre, classic novel – and they are buzzing for the book so she will continue to read them it. We did not dress up as school today, many other schools did but we had other commitments that meant we were unable to but we did celebrate WBD with blurbs of our favourite books pinned to our backs and children decorating and designing a potato into a book character they like. The potatoes were entered into a competition to win a National Book Token with one designed to look like Paddington Bear winning for Year 1 and one that looked incredible as Esio Trot winning for Year 2.

I attended assembly with KS1 this WBD to gift children who had completed a ten stage reading challenge a book each and one child winning a bundle of five books for their efforts, which went to a Year 2 student that is currently enjoying Harry Potter books amongst other titles. This evening is the launch of Sophie Green’s final installment of her Potkin and Stubbs trilogy at a newly opened independent bookshop within our town, a fine way to conclude a day that exists to encourage celebrating the world of children’s books.

I will be blogging on Where the World turns Wild soon so decided against repeating myself on here, and I hope to write about Sophie’s launch too so do keep an eye out for that! Hope you have enjoyed a book today – and don’t forget to use your WBD tokens to pick up one of the amazing WBD titles or use it for £1 off a book of your choosing. I feature on TWO book blog tours within the next week so be sure to take a look at those – there is the chance to win the books!

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