My End of the Week Musings of 2020 – #6

As we say goodbye to February (no idea how that happened) and get ready to embrace March I wanted to share the excitement of my past week. I have had an incredible time especially in relation to inspiration for blog content with the #ScholasticShowcase event in London last weekend. I have also noticed an increase in book post as weeks take us further into the year which excites me in my role as a book blogger as titles I have eagerly awaited arrive.

I have read a lot more in recent days too (perhaps there is a correlation to the amount of book post arriving!) with half a dozen of the WBD titles for one of my blogs making for interesting reading, especially as they included books for all age groups. I also read a book that I found thoroughly enjoyable and gripping, The Collector by K.R.Alexander which you can read about as a feature on my blog. I began sharing Umbrella Mouse to the Rescue by Anna Fargher with my ten year old son as our bedtime read which I read to him. We shared Anna’s debut Umbrella Mouse last year as a bedtime read and my son absolutely loved hearing of little mouse Pip’s adventures during World War Two. When my ten year old saw the proof copy of the second title had arrived he told me how excited he consequently felt.

There are so many books publishing this year that open the door to a new series to enjoy for those looking to begin a lengthier literary journey or continuing the story from where it was left in the previous title in an existent pre 2020 series, and of course there are the standalone titles which pack a punch of which many will feature on here soon enough – so watch this space! The blogger event at Scholastic HQ was fantastic from the get go and I really enjoyed hearing the different panels of authors including Damaris Young, author of The Switching Hour which was one of my favourite debuts to have read in 2019 – seperate blog on the event to follow.

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