The Collector – K.R.Alexander

That really is quite the cover, right?! I literally thought of the character from the film posters for Annabelle Comes Home which I found creepy, and this book cover is no exception! They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but if you did (and I initially did) you would definitely anticipate goosebump moments, chills down your spine, feeling very afraid, and suspense having you on the edge of your seat. This book had all of that for me by the bucketload.

Once I picked this book up with the intention of reading it to ascertain the scare level and whether the content had any depth I found that I could not put it down, reading chapter after chapter feeling completely immersed in a suspense fueled story that follows Josie’s journey after having moved from the city to her grandma’s house in a small country based town along with her sister and mum.

There are rules the girls must follow which are quite unusual, and the one that Josie’s grandma insists on repeatedly is to stay away from and never enter the woods that surround the house, and before long things get really creepy and weird when Josie and her sister hear voices coming from the woods at night. At this point you are gripped as the reader, eager to find out what happens next, tension building chapter by chapter. Add children disappearing, last seen in the woods, and you have quite the dark storyline that is both captivating and unforgettable.

I confess I was surprised by how invested I became while reading this book given my initial reluctance based on the books cover and yet I am glad to have had the opportunity to read it and have since gifted the book to a year 6 teacher who is excited to share extracts with her class and loan the book to those children that enjoy suspense fueled scary stories, much like the children in my library earlier this week that asked for scary story books – and apparently Goosebumps was not the sort of scary they had in mind, I suggested that series based on them being year three students – and I have come to the opinion that they would love this book and other K.R.Alexander’s title intended for children such as The Fear Zone and upcoming publications of the same genre from this author later in the year.

With suitability from 11 years of age upwards it is easy to see The Collector and others by this author being popular with students in the final year of primary school and beyond as there are few books that children can access that safely provide the balance of gripping content with chills running down your spine level spookiness, with this offering readers exactly that, just like goosebumps does for those in a slightly younger age bracket. This book is a depthier, spookier and more grown up book to those in the Goosebumps series.

  • Published by Scholastic on 2nd January 2020

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