Sneaking A Peek At The 2020 World Book Day Books – Part One

This years line up of World Book Day titles are applicable to all age groups, feature many genres and have some much loved popular series characters as well as those from the TV. This is my first blog on the WBD book selection which features Picture Books, those suitable for 5-8, 9-12 and a phenomenal YA title that I cannot recommend enough. Enjoy this first look at the books that will be available in all good book shops to purchase for FREE if you use the World Book Day token supplied to children by nurseries and schools. 2020 World Book Day is Thursday 5th March – Enjoy!

Bing’s Splashy Story

Featuring the adorable Tv character that is such a popular choice with younger audiences, Bing’s Splashy Story finds Bing in the bath when he requests one of his favourite books to read. Thankfully his companion Flop is aware that books and water don’t mix and holds the book away from the bath while Bing enjoys reading his story, that is until Bing gets carried away with the excitement of the story which leads to disaster! Easy to follow and relate to for the intended audience whilst being fun, this book celebrates stories whether it be books or telling them to one another at bedtime and reminds little ones that you do not need a book to enjoy a story which is the perfect message to spread through what will undoubtedly prove to be popular WBD title.

Supertato : Books are Rubbish! – Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet

Evil Pea makes it well known that he does not like books, his opinion being that they are rubbish – even though all the other vegetables in the supermarket disagree completely and find escapism in books as soon as the doors to the store close. A determined Evil Pea takes it upon himself to spoil it for the others by turning off the lights and throwing books around, but luckily the other vegetables work together to prove that through the information they have learnt in books they are more than capable of dealing with Evil Pea and anything he throws at them – literally! This is a fun, laugh out loud book for younger audiences that they will love hearing time and time again, detailing how powerful reading books can make readers.

Dog Man (Three Stories in One) – Dav Pilkey

Featuring three stories from the creator of Captain Underpants this book focuses around one of the authors other hugely popular characters Dog Man. With the initial couple of pages telling about George and Harold – the two main characters from Captain Underpants who create the Dog Man character when they make their comic books together in their treehouse, and then there is a small section that catches up those unfamiliar with previous Dog Man publications followed by enjoyable stories featuring the canine cop that are equal parts hilarious and gross in ways that children will love, laugh out loud, and feel inspired to create their own comic strip stories which is a great outcome from a WBD title.

Evie in the Jungle – Matt Haig

Beginning with an overview of Evie and the Animals for those that haven’t read the previous title featuring Evie – a young girl who can communicate with animals telepathically – and then telling of her adventures with her Dad in the Amazon Rainforest. The start of their holiday sees them in the company of pink dolphins and going to the rescue of a sloth, and the realisation of the damage being caused to rainforests hits Evie and she decides to find a way to try to make a difference. This is a powerful and important story that focuses on an incredibly important and highly relevant topic, bringing it to the attention of the next generation in a gripping and emotive story.

Kid Normal and the Loudest Library – Greg James and Chris Smith

Murph Cooper and the Super Zeroes are back for another mission in this WBD special Kid Normal title Kid Normal and the Loudest Library which sees the books namesake and his friends investigate uncharacteristic behaviour at the local library after the school librarian Mrs Fletcher reports that her friend and fellow librarian at the local branch has gone missing. The local library has a weekly schedule of loud and unusual activities that gets the zeroes suspicious enough to explore further and when they find a trap door amongst the book shelves things really take an exciting turn. With an introduction to the characters at the start for those unfamiliar with this series and an exciting feel that combining children with superheroes provides children this will entertain either as an addition to those loving the Kid Normal titles or as a taster of what to expect and get children reading this incredible series.

Split – Muhammad Khan

This YA title is powerful and poignant, telling the story of Salma and how her life changes following her first date with a boy she likes Tariq. When she falls asleep on Tariq’s bed when the two were watching a film together Tariq takes advantage of the situation to increase his reputation amongst his friends by taking suggestive photos of the two of them together and posts them online. Unaware Salma heads to school the next day and all becomes extremely horrifyingly clear and the far reaching impact slowly begins to dawn on Salma – from her friend avoiding her and more – much more! This is a compelling read that has you gripped from the offset, appealing to teens with the relevant content such as social media and relationship dilemmas. Salma wants to become a famous actress and in amongst all the drama and fallout she remains determined to achieve her goals, but can she overcome it all and prevail?

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