Mid Month Musings – February 2020

Having been unwell this past fortnight I have missed posting my Mid Week Musings throughout February so far, and yet actually I have lots I would like to share with you all, so to get back on track I have decided to play catch up with a post of Mid Month Musings and look forward to returning to my regular slot again soon.

So what has happened since late January’s post? Well, I helped orchestrate an event with Ipswich Children’s Book Group at the school I work in, hosting Ann Marie Howell as part of her The House of One Hundred Clocks publication celebrations. Two of my children were sat in the audience getting inspired by all that Ann Marie talked of, and it delighted me immensely hearing my daughter tell her Dad on the phone afterwards that she had really enjoyed the event and found the information both interesting and motivational.

I loved reading The House of One Hundred Clocks and will be blogging on it seperately very soon. I cannot recommend the book enough – if you haven’t yet bought it for your school library you really should, and add it to TBR piles too. It is half term break so you have no excuses!

I am excited to have accepted an invitation to Sophie Green’s book launch on WBD for the third and final title in the Potkin and Stubbs series and truly feel special to have been invited to such an amazing book series’ event having attended the previous event which included Sophie reading from the book. It is so nice to have exciting book related plans on World Book Day to mark the day and make it memorable.

I have two events in London this week that relate to book blogging – both in respect to this blog and the coordinator of the FCBG Blog content too, what a great way to start and conclude the half term break! Thank you to New Frontier Publishing and Scholastic for inviting me along. I am delighted to be travelling and attending alongside my friend and fellow blogger Erin AKA @erinlynhamilton, the social aspect of blogging is as important as the content, and ensures success through supporting one another and encouragement too.

The first event with New Frontier Publishing was amazing on Monday, and it meant so much to me that they accepted my 13yo into the fold as she has started book blogging too ( of which I am an extremely proud parent). The event was informative and inspiring, it was amazing to hear about their catalogue of upcoming publications, the history of their success as a company and to get an insight into the Gregory Goose series from the books author and illustrator –Hilary Robinson and Mandy Stanley.

It has been a busy few weeks and I have some catching up to do hear on my blog so keep an eye out for upcoming blogs covering many genres very soon.

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