Books to share with smaller siblings

One of the loveliest things to see as a parent is one sibling sharing a book with another, reading aloud and enthusiastically telling them the content of a book they themselves have enjoyed or chosen. My children love to gift one another books, recommend them to each other and get books dedicated at author events to them collectively. It makes me so proud of them and it confirms they do read for pleasure which is just priceless. With this is mind I thought I would create a half term content worthy blog on books that could be shared with younger siblings in a bid to include them, share the experience and introduce books to them too.

Roar! Roar! I’m a Dinosaur – Jo Lodge

An utterly adorable board book that details several dinosaurs, naming them and giving you a breakdown of the names for you to then pronounce them correctly. Each dinosaurs name is defined within the book too, for example a Pterodactyl means winged lizard. The absolute fun part of this particular book are the tabs to slide in relation to each dinosaur which create movement such as a swishing tail or flapping wings making the book fun, enjoyable, memorable and without a doubt a huge hit sith younger children who will want to get this book out time and time again.

My Magical Easter Bunny – Campbell Books

One in a fantastic collection of books – the My Magical series – this is great pre and during easter with younger readers, not least because of the multiple tabs within the board book that you push, slide and pull to interact with the books content. Easter bunny hides eggs around for his friends to find and it is through the tabs we see the actions and outcome of his adventures. This is an incredibly fun book, a brilliant concept to engage little ones during story time, and definitely a great way to introduce enjoying books to younger readers.

Noisy Farm – Rod Campbell

From the author of the incredibly iconic Dear Zoo came Noisy Farm – thirty years ago to be precise and this is the anniversary edition of this equally iconic classic. Lifting the flaps within this board book allows younger readers to find different animals found on a farm – and their babies too! The simplicity of the text and the traditional style illustrations are a fantastic combination that will undoubtedly continue to maintain the interest and attention of little ones -three decades on from publication! This is one of those must have titles to share with preschool children and a title that will be prove as popular as ever given that farm animals are a popular subject, linking well with the ‘Old MacDonald’ nursery rhyme.

Baby’s very first Faces – Campbell Books

Beautifully boxed and gift worthy, this crinkly cloth book can be attached to prams and pushchairs to accompany little ones on journeys, and details faces of Mummy, Daddy and Baby with a page of pretty and eye catching patterns to go with each. The book also features a mirror that enables the child to look at their face and take in details relevant to themselves on a more personal and specific level which completes this book beautifully in its theme and intended purpose. The book is soft to the touch, appealing visually, stimulating and educational and is perfect for baby shower gifting as well as throughout the months that follow the birth of a baby.

These are fantastic examples of books to enjoy with little ones, and I definitely recommend purchasing the other titles in the series by these authors/publishers as they enable familiarity for the child and ensure they will prove popular given these titles mentioned are exactly that. I have seen how being introduced to books from a very early age can nurture a love of stories, characters, immersing oneself in illustrations and learning language and other essential skills, so I cannot speak any higher of books like these featured on this blog. Enjoy!

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