ICYMI – Books published in January 2020 (List form)

This is intended as a quick glance type post that can be used as a checklist throughout the year for library purchasing, TBR piles, reading challenges, etc. There are plenty of books that could have featured on this list, just bare in mind that these are the ones I would definitely recommend to others to read, and that I would purchase without hesitation if my library had a budget.

2nd January

  • The Girl who stole an Elephant by Nizrana Farook
  • The Boy who fooled the World by Lisa Thompson
  • The Tale of a Toothbrush : A story of plastic in our oceans by M.G Leonard

9th January

  • Shadowsea by Peter Bunzl (Cogheart #4)
  • The Kid who cam from Space by Ross Welford
  • Tiger Heart by Penny Chrimes
  • Nothing ever happens Here by Sarah Hagger-Holt
  • Sam Wu is not afraid of zombies by Katie and Kevin Tsang
  • Orion Lost by Alastair Chisholm
  • The Monster in the Lake by Louie Stowell

23rd January

  • A House without Walls by Elizabeth Laird

30th January

  • Adventures on Trains The Highland Falcon Thief by M.G Leonard and Sam Sedgman

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