My Mid Week Musings of 2020 #4

I completely surprised myself today because in working on my picture book blog I completely overlooked this weekly themed one until quite late in the day, and I think that has to do with having an extremely busy day yesterday and not being home straight from work and school run as instead I attended this terms BookTalk. At a fellow local primary school myself and three other ladies with roles within a primary school environment met to discuss books we would had pitched to each other on the previous occasion, comparing notes and agreeing or disagreeing with each others opinions. I have offered to write up BookTalk notes for those who were unable to attend so keep an eye out for that on my blog soon as I will share our pitched titles too, often a useful guide to what to read yourself if your looking for suggestions.

This week I have definitely got back into the saddle of writing book specific blogs, and I hope you can see that 2020 is already a new blog dynamic starting year for me through my change in dialogue and trying to feel more personal in my approach. I am excited – staying the same means not challenging oneself, not adapting, and not taking oneself out of your comfort zone and into somewhere new – stagnating as it were, so I really am excited to see where my blog takes me knowing I am not afraid to try something new. New Year = New Aspirations.

What have I been reading? Well Demelza and the Spectre Detectors by Holly Rivers was epic, and I enjoyed rereading passages while writing my blog for that. I have also found The Mask of Aribella by Anna Hoghton to be an incredibly enjoyable read – blog for which is coming soon. I noticed that some titles I have already mentioned in my musing so far this month have yet to make it to my blog as individual features and that is purely a restriction because of time and I will get there, so do bare with me.

This week coming, my reading will no doubt be exciting and blog worthy as usual, and as I enter a new month I will be looking to consolidate my January reading into Top 10 worthy reads for which the rest of the year I will amend according to all other reading that I do being held in equally high esteem by me personally thus concluding in my Top Ten of 2020 before the year is out, which will be far easier than my 52 books of 2019 because I couldn’t narrow the list down any further and that blog piece took a phenomenally long time to produce – even though it was definitely one of my favourite blogs to create last year.

My daughter (13) has asked that I read Where the World Ends by Geraldine McCaughrean this week so watch this space for thoughts on that one, and I will definitely be reading A.M.Howell’s The House of One Hundred Clocks in preparation for her evening event being held at my school by our local book group Ipswich Children’s Book Group in early February – having attended an event of hers in the autumn last year I know this is an amazing opportunity, and look forward to getting her latest title signed and dedicated too.

Here’s to January, which has been a promising start to the year so far for children’s literature, and the week ahead too – which will be as busy as ever with Junior Librarian inductions taking place at work, a large selection of new stock due to be delivered, and book group students being chosen – exciting times!

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