My Mid Week Musings of 2020 #3

Week Three of 2020 already! Scary thinking how quickly this month is going and how much there is still to do before I am willing to find myself 1/12 of the way through the year. I finally started blogs specific to one title on Monday of this week with a post about The Kid who came from Space by Ross Welford which is an utterly brilliant story split between Earth and an Alien planet, and I highly recommend this book to children in KS2 that are capable readers as they will enjoy it immensely. My blog can be found here.

I was recommending Matilda Woods‘ new book to students in the library the other day as we had purchased several copies and as they are studying The Industrial Revolution/Victorian Era this term in class I thought this a highly appropriate book to suggest given that the story gives off huge Oliver Twist vibes. The children were curious about the content of the book enough that you could hear a pin drop when their teacher started reading them the story. Since then the copies of the book we did have are all out on loan, as are all the other titles in our library catalogue written by Matilda, which is brilliant given that this will mean children are challenging themselves with their reading albeit with choosing this author that they may be less familiar with or the high quality content of this book providing them with a more depthy read then they are used too.

I registered to contribute my reading efforts over the required time frame towards the WBD story sharing initiative because I have huge amounts of respect for everything that the WBD brand do to promote reading for passion and getting stories to children which is also why I signed an online petition that advocates the return of structured reading time within the school day – as a librarian I can see how valuable reading is to the children listening to my stories and if that happened more regularly for a lot of children across the country then surely we would see greater attainment in all aspects of their lives including social, mental and emotional too.

This week my reading has seen me enjoying Demelza and the Spectre Detectors by Holly Rivers which I thoroughly enjoyed. Demelza enjoys creating inventions useful to solving problems that she faces on some personal level, and her crazy world makes for quite the brilliant adventure story as she discovers a trapdoor in her grandmas greenhouse. Holly played Mildred Hubble’s best friend in the original tv series of The Worst Witch which I loved to watch with my little sister in the late 90’s so when I saw Holly would be making her debut in children’s literature I knew it was a title for me, that someone that played such an incredible part as Drusilla Paddock in such a phenomenal children’s tv programme (which stemmed from an incredible cult book series) would have such unbelievable experiences to draw from and fuel brilliant ideas for story writing. The book Demelza and the Spectre Detectors is due for publication on 6th February 2020. A full feature post for this title will go live on my blog very soon.

I hope to have a few more blog’s under my belt before the month of January comes to an end and especially look forward to writing up my blog review of the M G Leonard and Sam Copeland collaborative title Adventures on Trains – The Highland Falcon Thief because I loved this book and hope to be able to portray how impressed by it I was, and can already confirm this book as one of my top reads of 2020 because of the quality storytelling within, the unforgettable adventure you embark on as the reader, and that it is such a perfect example of a book that would undoubtedly strengthen a young readers love of literature.

This year is off to a fantastic start for children’s literature being published, and there is more to come so do check in with me next week for more mid week ramblings of all things book related that my week entails. Enjoy your reading.

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