My Mid Week Musings of 2020 #1

This week has seen the return to routine – Work and School have started back, and for me it is definitely cause for celebration because there is much comfort to be felt whilst working away in my library which I love, so it feels like returning to a home from home after a short reprieve.

Whilst I am eager to order lots of gorgeous new titles to reignite the excitement the children have in the library in this new calendar year I have plenty of ongoing jobs at present delaying me from being able to choose from all of the stunning new book choices available on the Scholastic website (using our book fair funds from the end of last year) – but I did manage to sneak a peek at the website today, and I am beyond excited to reward my efforts working through my library at the moment, meticulously trying to ensure it is organised and reflects how loved it is as a part of the school overall with some utterly amazing books from the brilliant selection available following earning commision at the Scholastic Book Fair.

Topic boxes have all now gone out to year groups so I can focus some time on the remaining non-fiction in the library which continues to prove more and more popular with students. We have additional copies of Shackleton’s Journey arriving soon for Year Six’s topic this term and having met William Grill at Chantry Book Jam in November 2019 and seen how he creates the iconic illustrations within his books means even more knowing that our Year Six classes focus on his Shackleton based title annually so there is a recurrence of the books being requested and reminding me of my experience ( which i love).

What am I currently reading? Well I recently read Sandy Stark McGinnis‘ upcoming release The Space Between Lost and Found. It is an incredibly poignant read that gives readers an insight into living with a grown up that has alzheimer’s disease, and helps readers to understand and empathise too. My blog focusing entirely on this title will post very soon so do keep a look out for that, and the book itself is due for publication in April this year. At the moment I am reading Ross Welford’s latest title The Kid who came from Space which publishes on 9th January (tomorrow then!), and I am enjoying the newly published The Boy who Fooled the World by Lisa Thompson – my copy has the amazing sprayed edge design, which is a must have! and I will definitely be getting it signed and dedicated at my local Waterstones event on Saturday 11th January – something to look forward to at the end of our first week getting back into the swing of things.

I received my first book post since the Christmas and New Year break today which put a huge smile on my face, especially as it came with a lovely note – I love having that little bit of contact with publishers throughout the year, and the effort does not go unnoticed. The book I received is Louie Stowell’s new title The Monster in the Lake (publishing tomorrow!), which is the next installment after The Dragon in the Library ( which published June 2019). I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and have eagerly awaited being able to return to Kit and the magical worlds she is able to visit through books – what librarian wouldn’t love that concept!

The end of a very busy first week back in work looms, and with plans to read as much as possible during my four day weekend I hope to update you with even more interesting and amazing reads to consider for your own TBR piles next week, happy reading everyone.

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