Peeking At Picture Books – December 2019

Vegetables in Holiday Underwear

Jared Chapman

A hilarious festive title that younger readers will love this book has humorous illustrations to admire while reading the run book. The book tells the reader how month after month a pea has waited until he can finally wear his holiday underwear as December arrives. There are a variety of other themed and event relevant underwear featured within the pages of this book, all of which will make readers laugh out loud a they enjoy reading this fun story book.

Patience, Miyuki

Roxane Marie Galliez and Seng Soun Ratanavanh

An utterly beautifully illustrated picture book that tells of a little girl called Miyuki who is anxious and impatient waiting for a single flower to open. Everything else is blossoming when Spring arrives but still the one flower has yet to open. Miyuki looks for ways to encourage the flower to open but her grandad advises her to sit and wait with him, that would be the best way to see the flower bloom. As Miyuki sits with him and waits she learns an important lesson that young readers will learn too, good things come to those who wait.

What John Marco Saw

Annie Burrows, illustrated by Nancy Lemon

A hugely appropriate story, this is about a little boy who nobody pays any attention to because he is small and insignificant to them. John Marco is busy paying attention to the world around him and noticing all the smaller more special details about things such as the nice grasshoppers make when eating, and he is eager to share these details with others. When he goes outside to escape the people paying him no attention he realises the tree in the front garden is starting to come down and through shouting he manages to get peoples attention enough for them to head outside and realise he is right, and they notice that which is going on around them. A brilliant story about how even the smallest person has valuable information and opinions to share.

Just Because

Mac Bennett, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

A curious picture book that comes filled with questions a young child has at bedtime about things they are thinking of and that are relevant to them. The answers the parent gives are elaborate and imaginative, and it is brilliant that the book finishes by saying that when you close your eyes and go to sleep you can have the most elaborate and imaginative adventures, thoughts and dreams. Beautifully illustrated with scenes of bedtime that give readers a relaxed, sleepy feel and make this a brilliant book to share at bedtime.

The Tempest -William Shakespeare

Retold by Georghia Ellinas and illustrated by Jane Ray

A stunning retelling of the classic and iconic The Tempest, this book has the most amazing illustrations that really portray the magic and adventure brilliantly and make it so easy to become immersed within this books pages. The pictures take the reader on an incredible exotic adventure to a beautiful island and tells of storms and magic and a quest for freedom and all with illustrations that compliment the text perfectly. This book is a great way to introduce readers to the world of Shakespeare and make it more appealing to a new generation of fans who will fall in love with this book, making it a perfect addition to a school library too.

Aesop’s Fables

Retold by Elli Woollard and illustrated by Marta Altes

From the Tortoise and the Hare to the Boy who cried Wolf and so much more besides, this collection of Aesop’s Fables is retold in rhyming sentences that make this so much more exciting for young readers as they take up the classic that is these fables that always have a moral to what they are about. The illustrations portray the scenes brilliantly and reflect the energy and adventure perfectly. This would be a brilliant book to gift to children to cherish for years to come and would be enjoyed by parents and children too.

The Misadventures of Frederick

Ben Manley and Emma Chichester Clark

A hilarious book that contains letters written on paper aeroplanes sent to and from a girl called Emily and Frederick. Emily writes over and over again inviting Frederick to come outside and join in with her fun and adventures but with each letter he declines because he worries that if he does venture outside he will become unwell or get hurt. Thankfully Emily does not give up and her persistence pays off when Frederick does leave his house and join her and in over coming all of his concerns he has an absolute blast. A fantastic title to share that encourages children to leave their comfort zone and see what adventures await them elsewhere.

The Hike

Alison Farrell

This is a beautiful adventure story about three friends who prepare for and go on a hike along a nature trail, and there is so much detail of the nature and environment they come into contact with spread across the pages in a scrapbook sort of design. One of the girls keeps a record of their hike in a sketchbook and this is shared amongst the books pages and when the girls reach the end of their walk one of the girls places a flag, one reads out a poem and one releases feathers into the wind which is such a heart warming and worthy ending to what is a jammed packed, fun adventure that the trio successfully complete even though they get lost and go wrong along the way – they are their for each other and help one another when needed such as when they are tired. A great example of strong friendships and loyalty for younger readers to learn from.

T.Rex Time Machine – Dinos in De-Nile

Jared Chapman

A fantastic story of dinosaurs that find and use a time machine and head back in time to that of the egyptians who upon spotting the dinosaurs request that the dinosaurs visit the pharoah. When they do visit the egyptian leader they are treated like royalty themselves with a feast being held in their honour followed by a tour of the pharoahs lands which makes for great reading. The dinosaurs do not stay in favour for long however, when aliens arrive they make things hard for the dinosaurs who make for a swift exit via the time machine. Fans of dinosaurs will love to read this story and the adventure the dinosaurs go on will inspire their imaginations too.

The Child of Dreams

Irena Brignull, and illustrated by Richard Jones

A heart warming story about a girls journey to find out where she comes from given that she doesn’t live with a dad and notices that all of the nature around her has two parents that created them. When her mum is unable to clarify the situation sufficiently the girl goes off to explore where she really comes from, starting with talking to the stork that delivered her to her mum. The girl finds out where she was first found as an unwanted baby and quickly realises that the mum she has known all her life is everything she needs and hurries home to her mum and the life she identifies with and enjoys. This is a lovely book that tells of all things family and what it is to feel loved, at home and wanted which young readers will enjoy hearing.

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