Have a Jolly Holly Christmas – Christmas Book Recommendations 2019 (Part Two)

Another stunning selection of Christmas picture book titles that are available to purchase for gifts, reading at home and school library stock, each of which I would highly recommend. Each of these books highlights the joy and excitement of the festive period, and the real meaning to Christmas is portrayed beautifully in many of them too. One of my favourite times of the year is winter with berries on bushes and trees sparkling with frost and these books all encapsulate that perfectly.

Flip Flap Frozen

Axel Scheffler

A fantastic interactive title from the illustrator of such classics as The Gruffalo, this book has two flaps that form the pages and the top half of the page is the top half of an animal and the bottom flap is the bottom of an animal meaning that with each turn of a page you have created an animal combination. The opposite page details facts on the half of the animal you have chosen so that you can read a crazy mismatch of information that works for your animal creation. This book is continual fun to play with making endless combinations of animal parts and children will love being able to engage with this fantastic title which follows on from multiple other Flip Flap titles such as Farm, Safari, Jungle, Pets, Ocean and Dinosaurs.

Published by Nosy Crow.

Mouse’s Night Before Christmas

Tracey Corderoy and Sarah Massini

A beautiful festive story that begins with the start of a well known traditional festive tale “Twas the night before Christmas” and then breaks off to tell about a mouse that lives in the bottom of the grandfather clock and how he longs to have a friend to buy gifts for at christmas. After wishing upon the star at the top of the christmas tree the mouse is visited by Santa who gifts mouse with two pairs of ice skates and sets him on his way to having his dream come true when he gives mouse a map to follow that leads him to bird and the two become very good friends. A feel good festive read that encourages younger audiences to see the significance and value in friendships.

Published by Nosy Crow.

Little Robin Red Vest

Jan Fearnley

A gorgeous christmas story full of festive cheer that tells of a little adorable robin who gifts away his warm winter vests to various friends he meets on his way during the week and then he finds himself cold and alone on a rooftop when Santa arrives. Knowing how kind and generous the robin has been Santa takes him home and has his wife knit the little bird a beautiful red vest that will keep him warm always and radiate warmth to those around him too. Santa praises the robin for being so kind, thoughtful and generous which will resonate with younger audiences who will fall in love with the adorable little bird from the offset.

Published by Nosy Crow.

Snow Still

Holly Surplice

An extremely cute and utterly adorable book of gorgeous illustrations and sentences that tell us of the scene being depicted on the pages which also feature some foil detailing to them, giving the snow and winter landscape and authentic wintery feel. The book shows us a fawns potential first experience in the snow, unbalanced and unsure and equally cute and adorable as they become more sure of the situation and then settle down in the warmth and security of their mother. This book has all the aspects you want in a book to snuggle up and read with a blanket at bedtime with younger children, reading it time and time again.

Published by Nosy Crow.

Meerkat Christmas

Emily Gravett

A fun and interactive book that contains christmas cards to open and read during the journey Sunny the Meerkat takes when he decides to embark on a hunt for the perfect christmas which he doesn’t find at home. The book takes readers across the world as Sunny explores different habitats and terrains before coming to realise that the best place to be at Christmas is at home with your family. This is such a lovely feel good read that has a lot of information for younger readers to learn such as animals from different environments and the names of them and it has the important message that family is where the true love and happiness lies and that there really is no place like home.

Published by Two Hoots.

The Night Before Christmas in Wonderland

Carys Bexington and Kate Hindley

This is a must have book to share and cherish at this time of year, combining the world of Santa with that of Wonderland and all his chaotic misgivings. With the queen declaring that they chop of Santa’s head in true Wonderland tradition and the reindeers on the look out for the Cheshire Cat there is so much going on in this dual story combinational read. The mad hatter is even present, arranging a tea party as ever when Santa and his reindeer arrive in Wonderland having received a letter from the princess there and not wanting to let her down at Christmas. With rhyming sentences that make this a catchy read there is no doubt that children will love being introduced to key Wonderland characters and behaviourisms in a christmas tale.

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books.

The Return of Sproutzilla

Tom Jamieson and Mike Byrne

This fun story tells of how Sproutzilla is completely anti christmas and intent on destroying peoples festive fun and when he holds Santa and two children who had been helping Santa – Jack and Ruby – hostage they realise it is because Sproutzilla has no one to celebrate the festive period with and that he lives somewhere in need of a festive makeover. Once done they all team up to ensure Santa still has time to deliver all of the presents to children on christmas eve. The story is a humour filled adventure that children will love hearing and following as they read this title.

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books.

Christmas Comes to Moominvalley

Adapted from the Tove Jansson classic by Alex Haridi, Cecilia Davidsson and Filippa Widlund

Giving us a look at what Christmas looks like and involves with the moonmins, this book is stunning visually and introduces the Moomins to a new generation this festive season. This embossed and foiled book tells the story of how the Moomins are woken from their sleep to hear Christmas is on its way but have no idea what Christmas is. Through the integrity and kindness that Moomins are fantastic examples of younger audiences learn the true meaning of Christmas through this gorgeous keepsake gift worthy title.

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books.

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